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Yes because the digital sum of 378 add up to 9 and 378/9 = 42

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Q: Is the number 378 divisible by nine?
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Related questions

Is the number 378 divisible by three or nine?

Yes to both.

Is the number 378 divisible by 3?


Is 378 divisible by 3 or 9?

378 is divisible by both 3 and 9 with no remainders

Why Is the number 378 divisible by 9?

Because its final digital sum equals 9

Which number is not divisible by 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 is it 111 49 378 5050?

None of them are divisible by 4.

What is true if 9 is a factor?

The sum of the digits of the number will add to a number that's divisible by nine. For example, 99 -> 9+9 -> 18. 18 is divisible by nine, thus 99 is. Any whole number that's divisible by nine will have its digits add up like this, and any whole number whose digits add up like this will be divisible by nine.

Is 378 divisible by 4?


Is 378 divisible by 10?


How do you find the divisibility rule for nine?

If a numbers digits add up to a number that is divisible by nine, the number is divisible by nine. Example~ 486 4+8+6=18 Since 18 is divisible by 9, 486 is divisible by 9. 561 5+6+1=12. 561 isn't divisible by 9.

Is 378 divisible by 2?

Yes: 378 / 2 = 189

Is the number 27000 divisible by 9?

Yes. 27,000 is evenly divisible by nine.

Is 4860 divisible by 9?

Yes, it is. One way to tell if a number is divisible by nine is to add up all of the numbers until you get a one digit number, and if the number isn't nine, the number isn't divisible by nine. 4+8+6+0= 18 1+8=9

How do you know how a number is divisible by nine?

Add the digits and see if they equal a number divisible by nine.Example: 99 is divisible by 9 because 9 + 9 = 18 (18 is divisible by 9)

What numbers are divisible by 378?

All multiples of 378 (which are infinite) including 378, 756, 1134, 1512, 1890, 2268 . . .

Why are all numbers divisible by 9 also divisible by 3?

because the number three can go into the number nine.

What is a number that is divisible by nine and two?


Is -378 is divisible by 9?


What three digit number is divisible by twelve and nine?

144 is divisible by 12 and 9.

Can you explain why a number that is divisible by 9 is also divisible by 3?

Three is a factor of nine.

Is the number 74845 divisible by 9?

No. 74,845 is not evenly divisible by nine.

Is the number nine a composite number?

Yes, by definition a composite number is a number that is divisible by another whole number besides one and itself. The only other whole number that nine is divisible by is three. Hope it helped!

What are signs that a number is divisible by 3?

If all the digits in a number add up to a number divisible by three, the number itself is divisible by three.For example the number 711: 7 + 1 + 1 = 9. Nine is divisible by three, therefore 711 is divisible by three.

What number is seventy nine divisible by?

One and itself, it is a prime number.

Why is forty-nine not a prime?

Forty-nine is not a prime number because it is also divisible by seven. Prime numbers are only divisible by one and themselves.

Is 378 divisible by 3?

yes its 126