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Q: Is the number of photons in one j of red light 650 nm greater than equal to or less than the number of photons in one j of blue light?
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Light intensity is?

Light is composed of quanta called photons. The more photons, the greater the intensity. To see the slightest flicker of green light (the color to which our eyes are most sensitive), the minimum number of photons is six.

When comparing a beam of red light and a beam of green light which beam contains the greater number of photons?

Neither. The beams of red light and green light will have the same number of Photons, as energy is only related to frequency. The number of Photons is dependent on the intensity of the light beams.

Is the speed of darkness greater than the speed of light?

Darkness is only the absence of light. The 'speed of darkness', or the speed at which darkness 'propagates' (even though only the absence of photons is propagating) is therefor equal to the speed of light.

Which photons have greater energy those associated with microwaves or those asociated with visible light?

Photons associated with visible light have greater energy than those associated with microwaves. Visible light photons have higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths, while microwave photons have lower frequencies and longer wavelengths. The energy of a photon is directly proportional to its frequency, so higher frequency photons carry more energy.

How many photons are there in a beam of light?

The number of photons in a beam of light depends on the intensity and energy of the light. In general, there can be trillions to quadrillions of photons in a beam of visible light.

How is intensity of light related to photons?

The intensity of light is directly related to the number of photons present. Higher intensity light has more photons, while lower intensity light has fewer photons. Each photon detected carries a discrete amount of energy that contributes to the overall intensity of the light.

Is there more photons in brighter light?

Yes, brighter light typically means more photons are present because brighter light has a higher intensity, which is measured by the number of photons hitting a given area over time. So, in a brighter light source, there are indeed more photons emitted.

What do light sensors do?

Light sensors measure the number of photons or the energy of light hitting the sensor.

What do light sensors measures?

Light sensors measure the number of photons or the energy of light hitting the sensor.

Is there a light stronger than Gamma?

Yes, there are types of radiation more powerful than gamma rays, such as cosmic rays or ultra-high-energy gamma rays. These are extremely energetic forms of radiation that are typically produced in astrophysical environments like supernovae or active galactic nuclei.

Do fire flames make photons?

Yes, fire flames produce photons as a result of the high temperatures causing atoms and molecules in the flames to emit light energy. These photons are the visible light that we see when a fire burns.

Is there any kind of speed greater than light?

no...but there are particles which have speeds closer to light,like photons,god particle(matter-wave)particle