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no, it matters with the number not digits

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Q: Is the number with the most digits always greatest?
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Sara says the number with the most digit is always greatest do you agree Explain?

§ In comparing two whole numbers, the one with the most digits is always the greater number. § In decimals the number with the greatest number of digits is not always the greatest.

Why is the number with the most digits always the greatest?

It's not.4.11 is less than 4.2, even though it has more digits than 4.2 has.

Why is the number with the most digits the greatest?

It is not necessarily the biggest number because it could be a minus something

In most populations the individuals that produce the greatest number of offspring are?

These are always the strongest.

What is the greatest number possible with these digits 3 71 5?

you get the larger numbers first. remember that. that is the most important answer to these questions. the answer is 7531.

Why is any number with the most digits greater?

It is greater because with more digits the greater the value of the number will be.

How do you find the greatest number of 24 56 and 8?

In general, to find the greatest of several positive numbers:First, you should look which number has the most digits.If two numbers have the same amount of digits, compare the first digit from the left. If those to are the same, compare the next digit - and continue that way until you find two digits that are different.

In pi what number occurs the most and how many times?

pi is a transcendental number. That means that it has a non-terminating, non-recurring decimal representation. That, in turn, means that nobody can ever identify all the digits of pi (except if counting in base pi, and that does not really help). And since there are an infinite number of digits it is always possible that the next stretch of digits will change the digit that is the most common so far.

When is scientific notation most useful?

When you have a number with a large amount of digits.

Can a credit card security code have 5 digits?

16 digits in a credit card number. Most cases it is three.

What is the definition of most?

Consisting of the greatest number or quantity; greater in number or quantity than all the rest; nearly all., Greatest in degree; as, he has the most need of it., Highest in rank; greatest., In the greatest or highest degree.

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