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It can be either. It is the number at the top of a fraction.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Is the numerator the smaller number or the bigger number?
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A fraction that has a small numerator and a bigger denominator?

A fraction with a numerator that is smaller than its denominator is less than one.

Is 1.8 bigger than the number 2?

No, it is smaller. Bigger number- smaller number = + number 2-1.8 = 0.2

Is a positive number bigger or smaller than a negative number?

It is bigger

If you convert kilometers to meters is the number bigger or smaller?

The number is bigger.

How do you subtract a bigger number from a smaller one?

if you want to subtract a bigger number from a smaller one, first subtract smaller number from bigger one add negative sign in front of answer you got

What is it called when the top number is smaller than the bottom number?

A proper fraction has the top number (the numerator) smaller than the bottom number (the denominator).

Can you take a smaller number away from a bigger number?


Is a larger number or smaller number a bigger spindle on a goped?

the higher the number the bigger the spindal

When the number of a fraction is smaller then denominator?

When the numerator of a fraction is smaller than the denominator, that's a proper fraction.

Can the numerator be bigger than the denominator in fractions?

Yes But then you would have to divide the denominator into the numerator and get a mixed number ,then simply 6:4

How would you change a fraction into a mixed number if the numerator is bigger?

divide the numerator by the denominator eg.15over10=1 5over 10

What do fishing hook sizes mean?

The bigger the number the smaller the hook, the smaller the number the bigger the hook. This applies to river and canal fishing.

What is a number you can square that is bigger than 700 but smaller than 800?

what is a number you can square that is bigger than 700 but smaller than 800?

What do you do if in a fraction your subtracting a smaller numerator by a bigger numerator?

Example: 3/4 - 9/16 = ?/? You have to find the lcm/THE LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE 4: 4,8,12,16,20,24.... 16: 16....

Can you put a number on the numerator if it is bigger then the denominator?

Yes, you can. You will have an improper fraction, but that is OK.

When numerator is same the number that has smaller denominator is?

Greater. 4/5>4/6

What happends when a numarator in a fraction gets bigger?

When the numerator gets bigger, the fraction gets bigger; that is, it has a greater value The opposite is true if the denominator gets bigger; in this case the the fraction gets smaller; that is, it has a lesser value

Is an fraction bigger than mixed number?

You can make a fraction that is bigger, or smaller, than a mixed number.

What is a Vurgal Fraction?

A vulgar fraction is one where the numerator (the number on the top) is bigger than the denominator (the number at the bottom).

Is -17 smaller than -6 and -4?

YEs it is... When a number has a minus than the bigger number is smaller.

What number is bigger than 4 but is smaller than 1?

the question itself is wrong.No number which is bigger than 4 is smaller than 1.Its impossible

What is proper or improper?

Proper is when the smaller number is on the top, while improper is when the bigger number is on top instead of the smaller number.

What is an improper number?

An improper fraction has the numerator equal to or greater than the denominator.

Is 16 gauge bigger then 14 gauge?

Smaller the number, bigger the size. 14 guage is bigger.

How can you tell if a fraction is between 0 and 1?

If the numerator (number on top) is bigger than your denominator (number on bottom) with no whole number attached to it. (i.e.: 1 1/2 is larger than 1, but 1/2 is smaller than 1.)