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Every pair of negative numbers gives a positive multiple. Positive numbers do not affect the sign any further, so you can throw out pairs of numbers from 169. In the end, there will be just the one negative number left.

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Q: Is the product of 169 negative numbers positive or negative?
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What is negative 13 squared?

positive 169

Two positive numbers differ by 7 and the sum of their squares is 169. Find the number?

169 = 144 + 25, so your numbers are 12 & 5.

How do you solve p to the second power equals 169?

if p² = 169, then p = ±√169 In other words, take the square root of 169 and p is either the positive or negative value of the square root.

What is the radical of negative 169?

(-169).5 = 13i

What are the factors of 169?

The positive integer factors of 169 are: 1, 13, 169

Is negative 169 a square root?

Yes, it is the square root of (-169)*(-169) = 28,561

What numbers go into 169?

The divisors of 169 are 1, 13, and 169.

What numbers can 169 be divided by?

169 can be divided by: 1, 13, 169.

Express 169 as a product of prime factors?

169 = 132

Why is there no solution to the square root of -169?

The answer is an imaginary number, because of the negative under the square root. The same number multiplied together will always be a positive number. For example, if you square negative one, the answer is positive one, because a negative times a negative is a positive. Because a square root undoes a square, there is no solution to the square root of a negative number. That's why your calculator could not compute this problem. However, there is a way to solve these types of problems by using imaginary numbers. The answer is 13i, where i is the square root of negative one.

What is the LCM of 169?

You need at least two numbers to find an LCM. If that's 16 and 9, the LCM is their product.

What two factors have the product of 169?

The factors of 169 are 1, 13, and 169, and the prime factors are 13 x 13. 169 is the product of 1 x 169 or of the prime factors 13 x 13.

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