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Q: Is the quadratic formula used in Europe equivalent to the quadratic formula used in America?
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Which is smaller north America South America or Europe?

Europe is the smallest out of Europe, North America, and South America.

What did Europe trade to America?

europe traded america

What continent are America and Europe in?

North America and Europe

Where is Europe in north America?

Europe is not in North America. Europe and North America is separated by the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Which direction from Europe to south America?

South America is southwest from Europe.

Which is the smallest North America South America or Europe?

Europe is the smallest.

A steppe is another name for a?

The steppes of Eastern Europe are the equivalent of the prairies of North America or the pampas of South America, they are treeless grassy plains. grassland

Which three continents do not start with the letter a?

North America, South America and Europe.EuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaIf you include the root word, then North America, South America and Europe. If not, then just Europe.Europe, North America, and South AmericaOceania and Europe are the only ones unless you count N and S America oceania?!its North America, South America and Europe.North America!South America!Europe!Hope that helped.Europe,north America,south America

Is North America close to Europe?

no north America is not far away from Europe

Is Europe south west from south America?

No Europe is northeast of South America.

Which ocean join America and europe?

The Atlantic Ocean "joins" America and Europe.

Can your Skype for free from Europe to America?

Yes you can Skype from Europe to America for free...

Is Europe east of South America?

No. Europe would be east of North America.

What continent is smallest- north America South America or Europe?

Europe if you don't count Russia as part of Europe.

Is Europe in America?

No. Europe is a continent. The United States of America, if that is what you are referring to, is a country. If you mean the entire continent of America, north and south, then that is a continent. Europe and America are separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

Is America bigger than Europe?

America (North and South America) is much larger than Europe. America is 42,549,000 km2 while Europe is 10,180,000 km2; meaning America is about 4x the size of Europe. However, if you mean America as in the United States, then the answer is no. The United States is 9,826,675 km2 while Europe is 10,180,000 km2; meaning Europe is about 350,000 km2 larger than the United States.

Is Europe North east of North America?

Europe is north east of parts of North America and east of parts of North of America, as North America is larger from north to south than Europe is.

What season is it in Europe when it's summer in America?

That depends on what part of America you mean. Both North America and Europe are in the northern hemisphere and so always have the same seasons, so if it is summer in North America, then it is summer in Europe. South America is in the southern hemisphere and so always has the reverse seasons to Europe, so if it is summer in South America, then it is winter in Europe.

What Italy is a part of what continent North America or Europe or Asia or Central America?

its in Europe

What was it called when America took over Europe?

America never took over Europe.

What are the correspondent banks of Bank of America in europe?

what are the correspondend banks of Bank of America in europe

How did diseases from Europe affected America?

Most of the population in America came from Europe. So it is a natural thing to get the diseases from Europe. There is overall influence of European culture on the America.

Were is Portugal in south America or Europe?


What are the three continents that are located mostly between the Equator and the North Pole?

North America, Europe and Asia.Asia, Europe and North America are the three continents.Asia, Europe and North America.

Is Iceland part of North America or Europe?

It is part of Europe. But it is closer to North America than it is to Europe. So geographically speaking, YES, Iceland is a part of North America.