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No. It would be called the mode score.

The median is the number that lies halfway when a series is arranged in ascending or descending order.

The mode is the number that occurs most frequently. That is, the most common value or, in this case, the score bowled most often.

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Q: Is the score bowled most often called median score?
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What is the only score never bowled?

292 is statistically the most difficult game to achieve, so if any score has "never been bowled" it'd be that.

What is century in bowling?

If you bowled a game and then bowled 100 or more pins above or below that score, you centuried yourself. For example, if you bowled a 268 and then bowled a 156, you centuried yourself.

What is the homophone for bold?

bowled She has never bowled before, but she ended up with a decent score anyway. The novice bowler boldly bowled her first ball in bowling.

What is the median score math?

In a sorted list of number, the median score in math is the number in the middle of the list.

What is the lowest score that can be bowled with 8 strikes and no gutter balls?


What does the median score mean?

the number that is in the middle of that particular set of numbers.

How is a scratch game scored?

The same as you score any game of bowling. A scratch game means no handicap is involved. Your total for a scratch game is the same as your score for the actual game you bowled. Your total for a handicap game is the actual score you bowled plus your handicap.

Linda bowled 150 sam score was122 Tina score was 140 jack was 125 what is the average score of all four bowlers?


What does handicap game mean in bowling?

It is the score bowled plus the bowler's handicap added to it.

What is the highest score in bowling ever played at the White House?

The highest score was by Richard Nixon and I'm pretty sure he bowled 232

Who bowled the most games same score in a row?

Stan kodish of Tampa Florida bowled 8 202 games in a row in 1985 in Toledo Ohio in the pba national tournament

If you bowled 12 strikes in an row in one bowling game what would be your score?

you would score 300Assuming the 12 consecutive strikes were in the same game, you'd have a 300.12-bagger, or 300, or perfect gameIt's called a perfect game.

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