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Q: Is the set of odd whole numbers for division open or closed?
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What is the principle of closure math?

When you combine any two numbers in a set the result is also in that set. e.g. The set of whole numbers is closed with respect to addition, subtraction and multiplication. i.e. when you add, subtract or multiply two numbers the answer will always be a whole number. But the set of whole numbers is NOT closed with respect to division as the answer is not always a whole number e.g. 7÷5=1.4 The answer is not a whole number.

Which do you use an open circle or closed cirle for graphing inequalities?

A closed circle is when a range of numbers also includes that number and an open circle is when a range of numbers doesn't include that number, :)

What is the difference of an Open and closed circle number line?

With an open circle, the number at which the circle is is NOT included in the dataset; with a closed circle it is. For example if a line is drawn on the number line between 0.5 and 1.5 with a closed circle at 0.5 and an open circle at 1.5, then it represents the numbers between 0.5 and 1.5 including 0.5 but excluding 1.5; this range is the numbers which round to 1 to the nearest whole number.

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Is refill open or closed syllable?

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Is ball an open or closed syllable?


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a construction site?

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The opposite of the adjective closed is open. The opposite of the verb closed is opened.

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human is a closed syllable word

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By open economy it means that economy in which private people are allowed to participate in making economic decisions while,by closed economy it means the economy in which the government is the one planning for the whole society

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