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Irrational (and a multiple of i), as the square root of 255 is irrational.

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Q: Is the square root of -255 rational or irrational?
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What is the Square root of 255?


How many square feet is 15x17?

255 square feet. (15 x 17 = 255)

What is the square root of 64 over 255?

√(64/255) = √64/√255 = 8/√255 ≈ 0.501---------------------------------------------If you meant √(64/225), then:√(64/225) = √64/√225 = 8/15 = 0.5333... ≈ 0.533

What is the square root of blue?

In HTML, the hexadecimal code for the color blue is #0000FF. In hexadecimal numbers (or base 16 numbers), F is the equivalent of 15. So, 0000FF is 255 in decimal form. The square root of 255 is approximately 15.968719423. So, I believe it is safe to say that the square root of blue is approximately equal to 15.97. The question asked for the square root of blue, not its hexadecimal equivalent. The question really asks what color multiplied by itself would produce blue. The answer is simply blue. Blue times blue equals blue. There is no negative blue equivalent. No matter how many copies of blue you have, you still have blue.

What would 17x15 feet into sq meters?

255 square feet (17x15=255) equates to 23.6903 square meters.

Why is 255 a square number?

255 is not a square number.256 is a square number because it is 162.

How many square feet equals 255 square inches?

1.77 square feet.

How many square meters in 15x17feet?

255 square feet is 23.69 square meters.

How many square feet are in 255 square meters?

2,744.8 ft2

How many square feet are there in a room that measures 17 feet by 15 feet?

17 multiplied by 15 = 255. So, there are 255 square feet in that room.

What is the root of 7b 3b 5b 187.5 255?

b= 4.5

How many square meters in 15ftx17ft?

15' x 17' = 255 square feet = 23.69 square meters (rounded)

What is the area of Tysnes?

The area of Tysnes is 255 square kilometers.

How many square feet in a 17 feet x 15 feet oval?

255 square feet.

How much does one square of roof tear off weight?


What is 15by 17 in sqm?

That's a total of 255 square metres.

What is the area of Tryavna Municipality?

The area of Tryavna Municipality is 255 square kilometers.

What is the area of Pordim Municipality?

The area of Pordim Municipality is 255 square kilometers.

What is the area of Pรผhalepa Parish?

The area of Pühalepa Parish is 255 square kilometers.

How many yards in a 15 feet by 17 feet room?

First, you have to find the dimensions of the room in square feet. Multiplying length times width, 15*17 = 255. Then, knowing that 1 square yard equals 9 square feet, you take 255/9 and find the room contains 85/3 square yards or 24 and 1/3 square yards.

What is the total square footage for a 15x17 size room?

255 square feet

How many miles is China bigger then Singapore?

China 3,705,567 square miles more than Singapore.-China is 3,705,822 square miles (9,600,000 square kilometres) and Singapore is only 255 square miles (660 square kilometres). 3,705,822-255=3,705,567 square miles (5,962,257 square kilometres)-

How many feet is 230 x 255?

58,650 square feet or 1.35 acres.

If a parallelogram has an area of 255 square units and a base of 17 what is its height?

15 units

What is the population density of Leeuwarderadeel?

The population density of Leeuwarderadeel is 255 people per square kilometer.