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The sum of any two prime numbers is not always a composite number. The sum of 2 and 11 is 13, and 13 is a Prime number, not a composite number.

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Q: Is the sum of any two prime numbers always a composite number?
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Related questions

When is product of 2 prime numbers a prime number?

The product of two prime numbers is always a composite number, and it never is a prime number.

Why will a prime number times a prime number always equal a composite number?

the two prime numbers will be factors of that number, which would make that number a composite number

Are all composite numbers the product of two prime number?

No not always because composite numbers can be the product of 2 or more prime factors

Are all prime numbers composite no?

no. There is a prime number and a composite number. Therefor, all prime numbers are not composite.

To find a composite number why divide by prime numbers?

You could try dividing by composite numbers but the number that you are testing is divisible by a composite number, then it will be divisible by a prime factor of that composite number and that prime factor will be smaller. It is always easier to work with smaller numbers.

Does the prime factorization of any composite number include prime and composite numbers?

Prime factorization never includes a composite number. All numbers in prime factorization must be prime numbers.

Is the product of 2 prime numbers always a composite number?


The prime factorization of any composite number includes prime and composite numbers True or false?

false sometimes it contains 2 primes it always comes out to a prime number

Is 308 a prime or composite number?

it is a composite number because you can tell from the 8 that it is an even number, and even numbers can always be divided.

Can you change composite numbers to prime numbers?

No, You can't change a composite number to prime number.

What are prime numbers and the composite number?

Prime numbers have two factors, composite numbers have more than two.

How is 4567278 a composite number?

First, you have to know the difference between Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers. Prime Numbers are numbers that has only two factors: 1 and itself. Composite Numbers are numbers that have factors other than 1 and itself. Composite numbers are always even, with only one exception: number 2. Two is the ONLY EVEN PRIME NUMBER. Never will you encounter another even prime number because it will always have AT LEAST 3 factors. # ITSELF. # ONE. # TWO. Now that we know the difference between Prime and Composite, we can answer your question. 4,567,278 is an even number. It is divisible by itself, one, two and probably more numbers. Therefore, it is COMPOSITE!

Why are composite numbers called composite numbers?

To distinguish them from prime numbers. Composite means "made up of various parts or elements." Prime numbers have one and only one factor pair. Composite numbers have a various number of factor pairs, but always more than one.

Is 76 composite or prime?

76 is a composite number. All even numbers, except for 2, are always going to be composite. A prime number is a number that can only be multiplied by 1.

What are prime the numbers and the composite numbers?

A prime number is 2 factors and a composite number is 3 or more!

When you multiply two prime numbers the result is always a composite number?

That is correct.

Is 18 prime or composite?

composite The number 18 is a composite number. It is a composite number because composite numbers are whole numbers that have three or more factors.

Is every number in the nineties composite or prime what the correct?

The only prime number in the 90s is 97. So out of ten numbers one is a prime number and the remaining nine numbers are composite numbers. So 90s comprises of both prime numbers and composite numbers.

Are odd numbers composite numbers?

Some are. However prime numbers are always odd, with the exception of the number 2.

Is the sum of two composite numbers also composite?

Not always as for example 20+9 = 29 which is a prime number

Name the two composite numbers that are prime?

No composite numbers are prime. A composite number is a number that can be made by multiplying other numbers. A prime number is made only by one and itself. Therefore no number can be both prime and composite

What number is a prime number and composite number?

No numbers are prime AND composite. The number 1 is neither.

Do 2 prime numbers always get a composite number?

The answer depends on how the numbers are combined: addition, subtraction or multiplication.

Is the sum of a prime number and a composite number always even?

No, the sum of a prime number and a composite number is not always even.

How prime numbers and composite numbers related?

A composite number is the product of two or more prime numbers. A prime number has exactly two factors, 1 and the number itself; a composite number has at least one more factor than the two that a prime number has.

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