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It is not particularly high but it may be the highest that it can get - depending on the observer's latitude.

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Q: Is the sun particularly high in the sky at noon if it lies 63 degrees above the observer's horizon?
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How are the altitude of polaris and latitude of an observer related?

angle it makes with respect to horizon is equal to observers latitude. i.e. Philadelphia latitude 40 degrees so Polaris 40 degrees above horizon

When a star travels from a position below the observers horizon to a position above the observers horizon the star is rising?

The star is considered rising. Also, it is setting when it is the opposite (moving from above the horizon to below.)

Is 55 degrees above the horizon very low in the sky - ie very close to the horizon?

If the horizon is on a level line of sight, a vertical line directly above the observer forms an angle of 90 degrees. 55 degrees would be quite high, being above 45 degrees.

What latitude on earth is a celestial pole 45 above the horizon'?

At 45 degrees north latitude, the north celestial pole appears 45 degrees above the northern horizon. At 45 degrees south latitude, the south celestial pole appears 45 degrees above the southern horizon.

Is the sun considered to be low in the sky when it is 56 degrees above the horizon?

No, 56 degrees above the horizon isn't "low". "Low in the sky" is less than 20 degrees elevation or so.

Why is the altitude of the sun measured in degrees above the horizon - rather than in feet and meters like aircraft?

The altitude of aircraft is measured above the ground, not above the horizon, and it's a distance. The altitude of the sun is not measured above the ground, and it's not a distance. If it were, it would always be some number near 93 million miles. The altitude of the sun is the angle that an observer sees between his horizon and the sun, and it's different for different observers in different places.

What is the altitude of polaris above the horizon at the tropic of cancer?

Polaris will be 23.5 degrees above the northern horizon when viewed from the Tropic of Cancer.

Does the sunset on Christmas day in the Antarctic?

No, the sun stays above the horizon for the whole of Christmas day, at an angle of 23.5 degrees above the horizon.

The number of degrees of arc that Polaris is above the horizon depends on what?

Your latitude!

What is the altitude of polaris above the northern horizon for observer a?

90 degrees

Southern Cross is 23 degrees above horizon?


What is the altitude of Polaris above the horizon at the tropic of Capricorn?

it's 23 degrees below the horizon; you won't see it.