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Those wouldn't be angle measurements, they would be sides. A triangle could be constructed with sides of those lengths.

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Q: Is their a triangle with angle measures 7 in 10 in 2.5 in?
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What is the measure of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures 50 degrees and the other measures 105 degrees?

25 degrees

What is the measure of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures 120 degrees and the other measures 35 degrees?

180-120-35 = 25 degrees

What triangle measures 25 14 141?

If the numbers mentioned in the question (14, 25, and 141) are referencing the angle measurements in degrees, then this is an obtuse scalene triangle.

Can a right triangle have two angles that measures 25 degree and 65 degree?

Yes and the 3rd angle would be 90 degrees

The smallest angle in a triangle is one-half the size of the largest The middle angle measures 25degrees less than the largest Find the measures of the three angles?

Sum of all the angles in the triangle has to be 180 degrees. Let's mark the largest angle as x. Then, smallest angle will be 0.5x and the middle one x-25. x + 0.5x +x - 25 = 180, which is after simplyfying: 2.5x = 205 x = 82 degrees -> the largest angle, x-25 = 57 degrees -> middle one, 0.5x = 41 degrees -> the smallest angle.

What kind of triangle is 25 and a 90 degree angle?

Those triangles with 25 and 90 degree angles are called right angle triangle.

What is a figure with two sides that measure 25 feet and a side that is 10?

It is an isosceles triangle if 2 sides measure 25 feet and the other side measures 10 feet

What is the compliment of 25?

Complementary angles total 90° . If 25° is one angle then its complementry angle measures 90 - 25 = 65°

What is the length of DE if the angle of depression from D to F measures 25 degrees and EF length is 10 yards?

The angle of depression is the same as the angle of elevation because they are alternate angle so use the tangent ratio:- 10*tan(25) = 4.663076582 or 4.663 yards to 3 decimal places

What is the angle measures of a triangle are 79degrees 7 degrees and 25 degrees you could classify this trangle as an trangle?

This is not a triangle. The internal angles of a triangle add to 180°.79 + 7 + 25 = 111° therefore this can only be an open shape.Assuming that only one angle has been incorrectly measured then the correct combinations of angles would be :-79 + 7 + 94 = 180 : 79 + 76 + 25 = 180 or 148 + 7 + 25 = 180

25 39 what is the missing angle?

If they are the angles of a triangle then the missing angle is 116 degrees

What type of triangle has angel measures of 25 degrees and 75degrees and 80 degrees?

isocleles triangle

What is the measure of each base angle of an isosceles triangle if the vertex measures 6X plus 8 and 9X-25?

If the two expressions given for the vertex angle are to be the same number, 6x + 8 = 9x -25; then 3x = 25 + 8 = 33 and x = 11. Therefore, the vertex angle is 6(11) + 8 = 74. The two base angles of an isosceles triangle must be the same and the three angles of the triangle must sum to 180. Therefore, calling the unknown base angle y, 2y + 74 = 180, or y equals 53.

Triangle ABC has a right angle at C a 25 degree angle at A and opposite side a has length 7 the angle at B has a measure of?

It must be 65 degrees because there are 180 degrees in a triangle. 90+25+65 = 180

What is the measure of each base angle of an isosceles triangle if its vertex angle measures 40 degrees and its 2 congruent sides measure 25 units?

Length of sides is irrelevant. Angles are ((180 - 40)/2) ie 70o

What is the third angle if one angle is 25 degrees an 50 degrees?

if you are asking about a triangle, the remaining angle is 105 degrees

What angle is the bisector of the triangle formed by segments 32-14 and 07-25.?

Two segments cannot form a triangle.

How do you know if a triangle is a right triangle using the pythagorean therom?

We know that a right triangle is a triangle having a right angle, where the side opposite the right angle is the hypotenuse, and the perpendicular sides are the legs of the right triangle. The Pythagorean theorem gives the relationship between the lengths of the sides of a right triangles. In the case where you know only the measure lengths of the sides of a triangle, you need to test these measures. If one of the sides of the triangle has a square measure equal to the sum of the square measures of two other sides, then this side is called the hypotenuse and opposite to this side is a 90 degree angle, which is a right angle. So, you can say that this triangle is a right triangle. Pythagorean triple are very helpful to determine a right triangle, such as: (3, 4, 5), (5,12,13), (8, 15, 17), (7, 24, 25), and (20, 21, 29).

In a triangle the measure of the middle angle is triple the measure of the smallest angle and the measure of the largest angle is 55 degrees greater then the measure of the smalest angle Find measures?

x + (3x) + (x + 55) = 1805x + 55 = 1805x = 125x = 25 . . . 3x = 75 . . . x+55 = 80Check . . . 25 + 75 + 80 = 180 yay!

If the side opposite a 30 degree angle in a right triangle is 12.5 meters how long is the hypotenuse?

If the side opposite a 30 degree angle in a right triangle is 12.5 meters, the hypotenuse is: 25 meters.25 meters

What is the measure of an interior angle of a regular 42-gon?

Each interior angle measures 1710 25' 42.86''

What is the measure of each interior angle of a regular 25 sided polygon?

Each interior angle measures 165.6 degrees

What is a sixty five degree triangle?

If its other two angles are 25 degrees and 90 degrees then it is a right angle triangle.

Can 25 23 and 7 be sides of a right triangle?

No because the sides don't comply with Pythagoras' theorem for a right angle triangle.

Can a right triangle have two angles that equal 25 and 65?

Yes because the 3rd angle will be 90 degrees which is a right angle