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AnswerYes! Narcissism is the result of inadequate, chaotic or inconsistent "mirroring" in early life. "Mirroring" means: the many times every day when a stable consistent adult caregiver notices how a baby feels, cares for the baby, helps the baby and gives words for the baby's experience. When mirroring is absent, inconsistent or chaotic, the child does not learn how to know itself. The child's life becomes a constant effort to meet its own needs without regard to anything else. It is not their fault, yet their behavior is baffling, inconsistent and often painful or harmful to others.Adoption is ONE condition of many that can cause a disruption in the early mirroring process. There are other causes of this, but adoption is certainly one. An unending stream of nannies, emotional or physical parental absence (due to depression, drugs, deployment, etc) are others.Narcissists lack the capacity for self-reflection and empathy. It is a heart-wrenching condition and often more difficult for the family members that the narcissist.
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Q: Is there a correlation between adopted persons and narcissism?
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