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Yes, but there are different formulae for its surface area, volume, height etc and the exact form of these will also depend on the information that is available.

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Q: Is there a formula for a truncated sphere?
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What kind of polyhedron is a official soccer ball?

It is a truncated icosahedron projected onto a sphere.

Which solid figure has two flat surfaces and zero verticles?

There are many possible answers: Some examples: a sphere truncated by two planes not intersecting within the sphere, an ellipsoid similarly truncated, a torus (doughnut) with a segment removed, a cylinder.

What is the geometric name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The shape of a soccer ball is a sphere. The stitching pattern of a traditional ball is that of a truncated icosahedron cocentric with the sphere with the pattern projected onto the sphere.

Mathematical formula for volume of truncated tetrahedron?

Trying to figure this out too...

Formula for calculating volume of truncated hollow cone?

A hollow truncated cone is a geometric shape that is cone-shaped. The formula to calculate the volume is s^2=h^2 + (R-r)^2.

Formula for calculating the area of sphere?

Formula for calculating the area of sphere is : 4 * pi * r * r

Formula for surface area of a sphere?

The formula for the surface area of a sphere is: 4 pi r 2

What is the formula for calculating development surface are of truncated cone?

The formula for calculating development surface area of a truncated cone is Avr = π [s (R + r) + R^2 + r^2]. The solution is area (A) subscript r where r is the radius of the top of the truncated cone. In this formula R stands for the radius of the bottom of the cone and s represents the slant height of the cone.

What is the formula for the suface area of a sphere?

Surface area of a sphere = 4πr2

Surface areas and volumes of spheres?

The formula for the surface area of a sphere is 4πr2. The formula for the volume of a sphere is 4/3πr3.

How do you find out FORMULA volume of a sphere?

Formula for volume of a sphere = 4/3*pi*radius3 measured in cubic units.

Truncated cone surface area formula?

sqrt( (R-r)^2 + h^2)where:R = radius of larger endr = radius of smaller endh = height of truncated cone