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No, because a shape has no limit to it's length or width. For example, a square can be tinier than plankton while another square is bigger than our solar system.

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Q: Is there a maximum perimeter and area obtainable?
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What is the maximum area for a rectangle whose perimeter is 136?

The maximum area for a rectangle of fixed perimeter is that of the square that can be formed with the given perimeter. 136/4 = 34, so that the side of such a square will be 34 and its area 342 = 1156.

What is the relationship between the perimeter and area when area is fixed?

For a fixed area, the perimeter is minimum for a circle, but has no maximum. Fractal figures (such as Koch snowflake) may have a finite area within an infinite perimeter.

What is the maximum area of a rectangle if perimeter is 40 cm?

100 cm2

What is the maximum area of a rectangular garden with a perimeter of 48 feet?

The maximum area is attained when the rectangle is, in fact, a square. Since the perimeter = 48 feet, the maximum length for a square = 48/4 = 12 feet. So max area = 122 = 144 square feet.

What is the maximum area of a rectangle that can be made with a perimeter of 68 inches?

The maximum area with straight sides and a given perimeter is a square.The sides of the square are (68/4) = 17 inches.The area is (17 x 17) = 289 square inches

A carpenter is building a rectangular room with a fixed perimeter of 376 ft What dimensions would yield the maximum area What is the maximum area?

The rectangle with the most area for a given perimeter is the square.Build the room square, with sides of 94-ft. The area is 8,836 square ft.

What is the maximum area in square units of a rectangle with a perimeter of 128 units?


What is the maximum area of a shape with a perimeter of 1000 m?

This might be a bit of a cheap answer, but: Of all shapes, circles have the highest area/perimeter ratio; that is, they have a maximum area for a minimum perimeter. 1000 = circumference = 2 pi r r = about 159.155 m area = pi (r squared) = about 79577.538 sq. m using pi = 3.14159

What is design capacity?

maximum obtainable output

The boxing ring is a square with a maximum perimeter of 80ft what is the area of a boxing ring with the maximum perimeter?

6400 square ft 80 multiplied by 80 = 6400 square ft

Is the perimeter of a polygon less than the area of the polygon?

if your perimeter totals the same as 4 times pi then the maximum area that can be encompassed is equal to the perimeter. This is done by forming a circle. if you change the shape of the circle then the area will become smaller than the perimeter(circumference) if you make the circumference of the circle smaller then you will definitely decrease the area faster than you would the perimeter if you make the perimeter bigger then you will definitely increase the area faster than you would the perimeter.

What is the maximum area for a rectangle with a perimeter that is 88?

A square of side 22 has an area of 484. Rectangle 23 x 21 has an area of 483...