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A product in math is the answer achieved when multiplying. It is the only term necessary so as not to confuse one.

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Q: Is there a synonym for pruduct in math?
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What is a pruduct in math?

If you mean product it is the answer to a multiplication problem.If it is the word pruduct is something in a store.

What is the pruduct of 5 and 12?

The product is 60. Am I giving u the answers to your math homework?

What is pruduct?

A pruduct is the ansmwer

What do you do to get a pruduct?

It's an answer to a multiplied problem!!!! E.x 2x2=4 The pruduct is 4!!!!

What is a synonym for the mathematical term mean?


What is the synonym for the equasion in math 'nothing'?


What is the Synonym for the math word base?


What is a synonym for opposite in a math term?


What is a synonym for mean in math terms?


What Is the pruduct of 23x100?


What is the pruduct of 3 and 12?


What is a synonym for social?

the answer is i don't know..............................................................just kinding it is math;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;0

What words means the word of factor in math?

"Divisor" is a synonym of "factor."

What is the pruduct of all the factors of 18?

It is 5832.

What make the product special?

by combining factors to form pruduct

What is the pruduct 100 and 5?

It is: 100 times 5 = 500

What would be a synonym for reflected?

in math it would be flip but i dont know any other synonyms

A number written as the pruduct of its prime factors is called what?

a prime factorization

What is the main pruduct of Portugal?

Olive oil, wine, cork, fruits.

What is the synonym for y-axis?

A synonym for the y-axis is the vertical axis. In math, a graph has a vertical and a horizontal axis. Another name for the horizontal axis is the x -axis.

What are synonyms of points in the math term?

There is no synonym. Mathematics uses very specific words for fundamental terms.

Uses of heavy Clay pruduct and refractories?

Uses of heavy clay products

What is synonym for prime factorization in math?

The prime factorisation theorem is also known as the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. So in that context, it does.

Write 82 as a pruduct in two different ways?

41 * 2 = 8220.5 * 4 = 82

What number is a multiple of 2 and 7 and in between 50 and 100 and is the pruduct of three prime numbers?