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For two triangles to be congruent, their corresponding sides must be of equal length. But for triangles to be similar, they must only have equal angles. For there to be a SAS postulate for similarity, the two corresponding sides would have to be proportionate, not equal. If they were equal, the triangles would be congruent.

So, an SAS postulate for similar triangles would mean that two of the sides of the smaller triangle are, for example, half the two corresponding sides of the other triangle. If also the corresponding included angles are equal, then the two triangles would be similar triangles.

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No. SSA is ambiguous.

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Q: Is there an SAS postulate for similarity of two triangles also just as you have one for congruency of triangles?
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What is SSS used for in geometry?

SSS is a postulate used in proving that two triangles are congruent. It is also known as the "Side-Side-Side" Triangle Congruence Postulate. It states that if all 3 sides of a triangle are congruent to another triangles 3 sides, then both triangles are congruent.

What are the uses of quadrilaterals in daily life?

From ancient times, properties of quadrilaterals have been used especially in art, design and architecture. Diagonal of a rectangle divides it into two congruent triangles and the idea of congruency especially in triangles had been used by Egyptians to build The Great Pyramids of Giza!!!!! The idea of congruency of triangles initially from diagonal of quadrilaterals also helped Leonardo Da Vinci to paint the world famous 'Monalisa'!!!!! So, what other wonders do you want from quadrilaterals????!!!????

What is the rule stating that if 3 sides of a triangle or congruent to another triangle they are congruent?

Rules for congruency of triangles 1. Sss- three sides are equal 2. Sas- when two sides and one angle are equal 3. Aas- two angles and one side are equal. Rules for similarity of triangles 1.aa - two anles equal hence third also 2. Sss - ratio of corresponding sides is equal.

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If all corresponding sides and angles of two triangles are congruent those triangles are?

The triangles are also congruent.

What are the two kinds of geometry?

euclidean Geometry where the parallel line postulate exists. and the is also eliptic geometry where the parallel line postulate does not exist.

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Yes. But not all isosceles triangles are equilateral.

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No because all right triangles have 2 legs and a hypotenuse. The hypotenuse is always longer than either leg so right triangles can't be equilateral triangles.

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