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There are an infinite number of parallelograms. No formula is required.

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Q: Is there any formula to find out the number of parallelograms?
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Can parallelograms have any number of sides?

No i believe that parallelograms can only have four side

Are there any parallelograms in sports?

No, there are no parallelograms in sports.

How many parellograms make a hexagon?

There can be any number (>=3) of parallelograms in a regular hexagon. If it is not a regular hexagon you may not have any.

Help I am using open office for PC and you cant find any function that will search the spreadsheet for a a number you put into a cell Is there a function for that?

It will find a number - if the number is not a formula. For example - if you search for the number 30 it will find it - BUT - if the product in a cell is the result of a formula it will disregard it.

Are quqdrilaterals parallelograms?

No .. parallelograms are quadrilaterals. A quadrilateral is any polygon with four sides and four vertices.

What is the formula for cubic volume?

The term cubic applies to cubes, cuboids, and other parallelograms, which have 3 dimensions - length, width, and height for example. To find the volume, multiply the length times the width times the height in any consistent units. The formula is L x W x H.

How many parallelograms can you cut from a hexagon?

An infinite number. Any parallelogram can be cut in half by a line parallel to one of its sides to increase the number by one. And there is no end to that process.

True or false any two parallelograms with the same side lengths have the same area?

True of False, any to parallelograms with the same side lengths have the same area?

How many lines of symmetry does a parallogram have?

Most parallelograms do not have any lines of symmetry. The only parallelograms that can have lines of symmetry are squares, rectangles, and rhombuses.

Formula x2 - x plus 41 select some numbers for x substitute them in the formula see if prime numbers occur find a number for x that when substituted in the formula yields a composite number?

Any number below 41 gives a prime, 41 and above give composites.

What is the excel formula symbol for any number?


Are all parallelograms squares?

NO! rectangles are also parallelograms and i think rhombus are too. a parallelogram is any shape where both sets of opposing sides are parallel.

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