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0 cannot be divided

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Q: Is there any number that cant be divided?
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How do you perform prime factorization on a number?

I THINK... you see if it can be either multiplied or divided by any other number but 1, and if you can divide or multiply by any other number it is composite, if it cant be divided or multiplied, it is prime...

How do you make prime numbers?

you cant make them it is any number that can not be divided by anything except itself.

Which prime number is a even number?

2 is an even but prime number because it cant be divided by its self or by any other number.

How do you determine if a fraction is in simplest form?

if the fraction's numerator and denominator cant be divided by any number remembber both numerator and denominator must be divided by the same number

Can be divided by a number without leaving a remainder?

composite * * * * * Not necessarily. Any number, other than 1, can be divided by another number (ie 1) without leaving a remainder. 1 is nore prime or composite cause it cant be divided by ANY number!

Can 1369 be divided by any number?

Any number can be divided by any number but not come out as a whole number,

If any number is divided by 1?

Any number is divided by 1 is that number.

How do you know if a number is odd?

If it cant be divided by 2 it is odd.

What can 43 be divided by?

it cant be divided by anything because it is a prime number the numbers are 1 and 43.

Any number divided by 1 is?

any number divided by 1 it is itself 1 divided by 2 = 1 it is veryy easy so pls like

What is 1 divided by 3.7?


Why is 169 not a prime number?

169 is not a prime number because it cant be evenly divided.