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No. there is only packing in the silencer, if you experience problems with your ATV Or motorcycle in the region of it not going as fast as it can just take the silencer off and see if it will go faster i have had the same problem with my Yamaha Blaster i just took it off and it improved 100% but do not leave it off either buy a new one or get it repaired bc if you leave it off it WILL effect your piston by blowing it up in most cases. If you have anymore questions send me a question.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-29 02:02:53
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Q: Is there packing inside of the pipe not the silencer?
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What is the white stuff inside a car silencer and its uses when removed?

There is no "white stuff" in a silencer/muffler, unless you mean fiberglass packing. It has no use when removed.

What is bare pipe?

it's steel pipe without any processing and packing.

How do you make a pipe silencer for a viza v2 40cc gas scooterthanks?

with a viza

Who makes Kawasaki kdx exhaust?

I have an after market FMF pipe and silencer on mine.

What is the exhaust pipe with holes in it called?

it is called a silencer which makes the exhaust less noisier

How silencer of car work?

The baffles inside a muffler absorb noise.

What is The Best Racing Parts for A CR 125?

FMF Gnarly pipe and a Pro Circuit r304 silencer

How do you make a glasspack louder for your ranger?

If your Glasspack is a tip and it has a silencer in it, take it out You'll get more flow too. If it is just an inline one replace it with a one with less fiberglass packing (cheaper ones tend to have less fiberglass packing) or just removing the glasspack all together and go straight pipe. Glasspacks also get louder as they wear out. Get your glasspack hot and spray it with cold water. On the outside.

Why does the pipe of paper squeezes when air is blown through it?

when air is blown through the paper pipe, the velocity inside the pipe increases and according to Bernoulli's theory the pressure inside the pipe deceases. And the pipe squeezed.

What is the diameter of a pipe?

The diameter of a pipe is its width across an open end of the pipe. The inside diameter is the width measuring on the inside of the pipe; the outside diameter is the width measuring on the outside.______________________________________________________________________________________________________For a pipe of circular cross section, its nominal diameter is the diameter of the cross section.The inner diameter is the measuring on the inside of the pipeThe outside diameter is the measuring on the outside of the pipe.

What is pipe bore?

Pipe bore is the actual minimum inside diameter of a pipe, which is not necessarily the nominal pipe size.

What causes a weird flapping noise coming out of one pipe on a dual glass pack exhaust?

It could just be that you are burning out the packing inside the muffler, a flapping sound after a quick push on the accelerator probably means that the packing is already gone. could also be an indication of poor ignition on that side of the engine.

What is the definition of volcano pipe?

A pipe that carries magma inside a volcano.

What is the Afrikaans word for 'silencer'?

If translated directly it is 'versagter,' but when used in silencer of a gun it is 'knaldemper.'

How do you make more sound from bike's silencer?

You can remove the baffles from inside the muffler but the neighbors won't be happy.

How do you find id of pipe?

The ID is the inside diameter, you can use a tape measure and measure the open end of the pipe from inside edge to opposite inside edge

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You should use black pipe -- Galv. pipe will flake off inside of pipe

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How do you measure diameter of pipe?


Where can you get the silencer on black ops?

you just buy the silencer

What if you install indore silencer to royal enfield bullet 350cc?

There are different kind of modified silencer apart from the originally supplied (Stock) silencer. Indore silencer is one of them. It produces a decent thumping sound like the one in old bullets, but is not even to much noisy. There are other silencer which do not have any filter (muffler) like the ROCKET SILENCER, which produce much more sound (Noise) as compared to indoor or stock silencer. I have a rocket silencer, but now i am planning to go for indore silencer, as i have heard rocket silencer effects the engine. I hope that hepls... Enjoy thumping..thump..thump..and go for indore silencer

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What kind of pipe, the inside or outside, or a tobacco pipe? If it is copper pipe, you can use an emery sand cloth or steel wool.