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Even numbers are divisible by 2, and odd numbers are not. 36/2=18, so 36 is an even number.

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Q: Is thirty six an odd or even number?
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Is twenty six an odd number?

no its even No 26 is not a odd number It is a wierd number, but it is not an odd number. It is even.

Is thirty-six an odd or even number?

Even. Anything that ends in a 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 is even. Anything that ends in a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 is odd.

Is 26 a odd or even number?

Even. All numbers ending in six are even.

Is 96 an odd number or an even number?

Even. All numbers ending in six are even.

How do you divide fifteencoins into six box such that each box contains odd no of coins?

If you have six boxes, with an odd number of coins in each box, in total you would have an EVEN number of coins. Therefore, this isn't possible. (odd + odd = even, odd + odd + odd = odd, etc. - if you add an even set of odd numbers, the total will always be even.)

Is 156 a odd or even number?

Even. All numbers ending in six are even.

Is thirty six a prime number?

No, the only even prime number is 2.

What number is not an even number 6 and 7?

Six (6) is the even number and seven (7) is the odd number.

9999555533331111 in these any six numbers total is 21 what are those numbers?

5+5+5+5+1 That is only 5 numbers being added. There can be no answer for six numbers for the following reasons: The numbers are all odd. Two odd numbers make an even number. Two even numbers make an even number. 21 is odd. Take 6 odd numbers and add them up in pairs. Each pair of odd numbers gives an even number so there are 3 even numbers. Even + Even + Even = Even. So sum of any six odd numbers is even but 21 is not even.

What is an odd number minus and odd number?

Always an even number. Zero is not considered to be positive or negative, but it is considered to be is undefined. you can't measure nothing. ie it holds no value. aka not even/odd/pos/neg. aka nothing. thus, your answer is correct with the zero exception.AnswerWell, an odd number is one that is not evenly divisible by two. Subtracting an odd number from another odd number results in an even number. The jury is out (above) on whether zero is even or odd.Nine minus five is four; four is an even numberFifteen minus seven is six; six is an even numberNineteen minus three is sixteen; sixteen is an even number

How can you see whether a number is even or odd?

A number is even if it ends in two, four, six, eight, or zero. A number is odd if it ends in one, three, five, seven or nine.

The sum of an odd number and six?

An odd number.