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Q: Is this true or false senses do not have to deteriorate as one grows older?
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In general old people tend to be pretty much alike true or false?

False. While there may be some commonalities among older people, such as physical changes and certain life experiences, individuals within this age group are diverse and vary greatly in their personalities, perspectives, and lifestyles. Factors such as background, culture, health, interests, and personal choices greatly influence the uniqueness of each person, even in older age.

Can you give me an example and an answer for Comparison Problems in Math?

Is your father older than you? (Age of Father) > (Age of Son)? The answer would be TRUE Are the ages of twins equal? (Age of first twin) = (Age of second twin)? The answer would be TRUE Is your younger brother's age less than yours? (Age of younger brother) < (Age of older brother)? The answer would be TRUE Is the age of the older brother not equal the age of the younger brother? (Age of older brother) <> (Age of younger brother)? The answer would be TRUE Note that if you reverse the order of comparison in certain cases, the results would be different. As one example from above Is your age less than your younger brother's age? (Age of older brother) < (Age of younger brother)? The answer would be FALSE

Does more the number of tree rings represents that the tree is older or younger?


A is 12 percent older than B while B is 11 percent older than C by how much in percent is A older than C?

A is 23% older than CA=12, whileB=11C=-- To figure out that A is older than we add 12% from A then 11% from B totalling 23%

What does ateh mean?

It means "older sister" or someone that is older than you that is in a girl in Filipino.

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Senses do not have to deteriorate as one grows older?


Why do older People have poor concentration?

No all do, but in some people the brain and the senses deteriorate with age and these changes can sometimes make it difficult to concentrate for long.

Why does fluid intelligence decrease as you get older?

the brain begins to deteriorate as you get older

Why do concrete bridges deteriorate?

Older concrete bridges deteriorate because of vibration and earth movement.

Do you believe that the sun grows older why?

Everything grows older (all physical things).

How does your body grows as you get older?

Your cells divide.

What hapens to your senses as you age?

As people get older, their senses start to fade. They may not be as sharp as they once were, such as in the cases of hearing or eyesight.

What is a 4 letter word for grows older?


What grows smaller as girl grows older?

The joker in me says their brain, but the intellegent man in me doesn't know.

Why do older people need vitamin supplements?

So they can die well. Who really wants to deteriorate away into a cesspool of waste?

When an animal changes over time?

It grows older, ages.

What happens to the bones of a person as he grows older?

bones get rusty