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no three fourths is more close to a whole. and three eighths is less to a whole than three the answer is NO, three eights is not larger than three fourths.

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Q: Is three-eighths LARGER than three fourths?
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Which is bigger one fourths or three fourths?

Three fourths is greater than one fourth. For any positive number, and the same denominator, if there is a larger number in the numerator, it is larger.

Is thirteen twentieths bigger than three fourths?

no, three-fourths equals fifteen-twentieths, which is larger than thirteen-twentieths

Is four sixth larger than three fourths?


What fraction is larger than three fourths?

a half

How do you write four and three fourths as an improper fraction?

4 and three fourths, an improper fraction has a numerator that is larger than a denominator

is three fourths smaller than five eighths?

No, three fourths is the same as six eighths which is larger than five eighths

Is nine tenth larger than three fourths?

Yes. 9/10 is 20% larger than 3/4 .

Which has larger pieces seven eighths or three fourths?

7/8 is larger than 3/4

Are three fourths and five sixths equivalent?

no 5/6s is larger than 3/4s

What number is larger two fourths or 0.2?

Two fourths. Two fourths as a decimal is 0.5, which is larger than 0.2

Is three fourths x two thirds greater than or less than three fourths?

greater than

What fractions are larger than three fourths?

4/5, 5/6, 6/7 etc etc

Does nonmetals have more than three-fourths of the elements in the periodic table?

No, but metals have more than three-fourths.

Is three fourths greater or less than seven eights?

seven eights is more than three fourths

Is 2 fourths larger than 5 tenths?

They are equal. Neither is larger. :)

Which is larger two thirds or three fourths?

three fourths is larger because when put into decimal form it is .75 and two thirds is .6666 repeated which would round to .67 so do the simple math and subtract the to to tell that it is .08 bigger than the leading two thirds

Is three fourths greater than a half?

yes three fourths is greater than one half

When is one half of something larger than three quarters of something else?

When you cut a car in half, and then take three-fourths of a piece of bread.

Three-fourths of a number greater than or equal to five less than the number?

three fourths is greater than five eights

Is Two fourths larger than two thirds?


How is three fourths related to six?

Three fourths is five and a quarter less than six.

Is it true that more than three fourths of elements in the periodic table are nonmetals?

No. More than three fourths of the elements are metals.

How is three fourths larger than two thirds?

three fourths is the same as 9 over 12 two thirds is the same as 8 0ver 12 9 over 12 is greater than 8 over 12

Which is larger three fourths or seven tenths?

3/4 is larger than 7/10. 3/4 is the same as 0.75, which is larger than 0.7

Is three-fourths of a mile greater than seveen-tenths?

Yes. Three fourths is about 7.13 percent greater than seven tenths.

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