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three fourths is greater than five eights

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Q: Three-fourths of a number greater than or equal to five less than the number?
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Explain how 0.5 and 0.5555555 are different Which is greater?

The number .5 is exactly half. The number .5555555 is equal to half plus five hundredths plus five thousandths plus five ten thousandths plus five hundred thousandths plus five millionths plus five ten millionths, and therefore is greater.

What is larger five-sixths or one whole?

Any number where the numerator is smaller than the denominator is less than one. If the numerator is equal to the denominator (for example, 6/6), that number is equal to one. If the numerator is greater than the denominator, then the number is greater than one.

What are the five whole numbers that round off to 600?

599, 555, 550, 551, 578... any number greater than or equal to 550 and any number less than or equal to 600

Is Three eigths greater less or equal to five twelfths?


How do you round to nearest hundredth?

If your number is, say, 43.5809. You would take the third number (the hundredth place) after the decimal, and change it by 0.001 if the next number (thousandths place) is equal to or greater than five, if it is not equal or greater but is lesser than, keep it in its place and just remove every number after the hundredths place. Hoped this helped! :)

What is b greater than or equal to five?


A number is equal to seven decreased by five?

seventy five descreasedby five

What number equal five hundreds?


Is positive five greater than negative five?

Yes. Write the number line horizontally with the negative numbers to the left, zero in the middle and positive numbers to the right, then the further right a number is, the greater it is; so with two numbers the number further right on the line is the greater of the two: Positive five is to the right of negative five, therefore it is greater than negative five, ie +5 > -5

What is Nine less than five times a number is equal to -29?

Nine less than five times a number is equal to -30

What number is five tens greater than eighty nine?

five tens greater than 90= 50 + 90= 140

Which shapes have an obtuse angle?

Obtuse triangles have an obtuse angle, and regular shapes with a number of sides equal to or greater than five have angles that are all obtuse.

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