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Q: Is three eighths bigger than twenty seven eighths?
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What is seven eighths divided by three?

seven twenty-fourths

How is three and three eighths written as an improper fraction?

three and three eigths = twenty-seven eigths

Is three eighths larger than two thirds?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 3/8, or three eighths, is equal to 0.375.Expressed as a decimal fraction, 2/3, or two thirds, is equal to 0.6 recurring.2/3 is seven twenty-fourths bigger than three eighths.

What is bigger 1 third or 3 eights?

Three ninths is one third, and eighths are bigger than ninths. Three eighths is bigger than three ninths. Therefore three eighths is bigger than one third.

Is bigger the five eighths or three eighths?

5/8 is bigger.

How many eighths are there in three and seven eighths?

how many eighths are in tree and seven eighths

Is one fourths or three eighths greater?

Three eighths is bigger.

Which number is bigger five eighths or three eighths?

5/8 is bigger.

Is three eighths bigger than seven sixteenths?

3/8 = 6/16 so no, 7/16 is bigger

What is Twenty three and three eighths to a decimal?

It is 23.375

What is three holes and seven eighths minus twelve eighths?

Two and three-eighths

What is three and seven eighths times three and seven eighths?

961/64or15 and 1/8

Is three eighths bigger than three FIFTHS?


Is three tenths bigger or smaller than seven eighths?

3/10 is smaller than 7/8.

What is 2 and one fourth 4 and three eighths three fourths?

It is seven and three eighths

Is three sevenths equal to twelve twenty eights?

No.But it is equal to twelve twenty eighths.Twelve twenty eights = 12*28Twelve twenty eighths = 12/28

What is seven eighths subtract one half?

three eighths

Is seven eighths bigger than three eighths?

Yes, if you had eight apples and you gave someone seven of them you would only have one left. However if you had eight apples and you gave someone three of them you would still have five apples left.

Is three eighths bigger than four tenths?

No. Three eighths is only 93.75% of four tenths.

What is three eighths of twenty- four?


Which is bigger three fifths or five eighths?

5/8 is bigger.

Is five and one fourth bigger than five and three eighths?

No it is not. 5 and 3 eighths are bigger by one eighth.

What is one and a half plus three eighths?

one and seven eighths

What are three equivalent fractions for three sevenths?

six fourteenths nine twenty oneths twelve twenty eighths

What is bigger than three eighths?