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3/4 (12/16) is bigger then 9/16

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Q: Is three fourths bigger or smaller than nine sixtennths?
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What is bigger three fourths or 0.2?

three fourths is bigger.

Is two fifths bigger than three fourths?

No, two fifths is smaller the three fourths. It would only be 8/20ths while three fourths would be 15/20ths.

Which is bigger one halve or three fourths?

three fourths.

What is bigger one half or three fourths?

Three fourths

Which is bigger three fourths or two fourths?

tree fourths :)

Is 75 equal to three fourths?

No. 75 is much bigger than 1, three fourths is smaller than 1. But 75% IS equal to 3/4

Is three fourths greater than three fifths?

yep - the bigger the number, the smaller the amount!

Is three eights bigger than three fourths?

no because the fourths are bigger pieces and when you shade in three pieces it's almost full

who is bigger a fourths or 2 and three fourths?


Is one half bigger than three fourths?

One half is equal to two fourths. And since three is bigger than two most of the time, no, it's not bigger.

What is bigger three-fourths or one-half?

Three fourths is 3/4 whereas one half is 1/2 or 2/4 (two fourths) So three is bigger than two.

Which is bigger fourfifths or three fourths?

4/5 is bigger then 3/4

Is one fourths or three eighths greater?

Three eighths is bigger.

Is two sixths bigger than three fourths?


Is two fourths bigger than three fifths?


Is thirteen twentieths bigger than three fourths?

no, three-fourths equals fifteen-twentieths, which is larger than thirteen-twentieths

Is three fourths bigger or is one fourth bigger?

3/4 is bigger than 1/4.

Is one fourth greater or less than three fourth?

One fourth is a quarter and three fourths is three quarters so tehrefore three fourths is bigger.

Which is bigger one fourths or three fourths?

Three fourths is greater than one fourth. For any positive number, and the same denominator, if there is a larger number in the numerator, it is larger.

Is three fourths bigger than four sevens?


Is eight ninths bigger than three fourths?

Yes it is.

Is three fourths bigger or fourteen twentieths?

it is 3/4

What is bigger three fourths or three eighths?

3/4 is 6/8 so that is bigger than 3/8

Is seven twelves bigger the three fourths?

No, 7/12 is smaller than 3/4. because 3/4 is 75% and 7/12 is 58%

Is six fourteenths smaller than three fourths?