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Smaller - 3 kms is only 1 mile and 1520 yards

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Q: Is three kilometers bigger or smaller than 3 miles?
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Is two miles bigger than three kilometers?

Yes, it is bigger. 3 kilometres is approximately 1.86 miles

Is two miles bigger then three kilometers?

Yes. 1 mile = 1.60934 km, so 2 miles = 3.21869 kilometers.

Is two sixths bigger or smaller than three eighths?


How many kilometers is equal to three miles?

3 miles is 4.83 kilometers.

Is three lb bigger or smaller than 50 oz?


How many miles is 4.9 kilometers?

4.9km = three miles.

What is three kilometers?

3 kilometers is 3,000 meters, or 1.86 miles.

3 miles equal how many kilometers?

One mile is approximately 1.609 kilometers. Therefore, three miles are approximately 4.828 kilometers.

How many miles is three kilometers?

A bit over 1.86 miles.

3 km is what amount of miles?

Three kilometers is 1.86 miles.

How miles is a 3 k run?

3k is three kilometers or 1.86 miles.

What is ninety three million miles in kilometers?


How many kilometers is three miles?

4.828032 kilometres

How many kilometers in three miles?

Almost five.

How may miles are in three kilometers?

1 and a half

What is 3km equal?

Three kilometers is 1.86 miles.

What is longer 2 miles or 3 kilometers?

Two miles is greater than three kilometers. (2 miles = 10,560 feet and 3km = 9,842.5 feet)

How many miles are 4.8 in kilometers?

4.8 kilometers is about three (2.98258172) miles.

How long is three km?

Three kilometers (km) is about two (1.86) miles.

Is two fifths greater or smaller than three tenths?

its bigger

Is three quarters bigger or smaller than one half?

3/4 is bigger than 1/2

If you run three miles every day how many km do you run?

Three miles = 4.83 kilometers

Is three tenths bigger or smaller than seven eighths?

3/10 is smaller than 7/8.

How many miles in 1200 kilometers?

Its about three fourths of a mile

How many miles is forty three thousand kilometers?