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Closer to 1/2

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Q: Is three sevenths closer to one half or zero?
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Is one ninth closer to zero one half or one?

It is closer to zero

Is the fraction three fifths closer to zero one half one whole one whole and a half or two whole?

One half.

Is 2 sevenths closest to 0 1 or a half?

zero aka 0

What is 0.0115 is closer to 1 0 or one half?

closer to zero

Is three fourth closer to one or zero?

Closer to one.

Is three-fifths closer to zero or one whole?

closer to one

Is 3.7 closer to zero 1 half or whole?

if you want it to be, then sure why not.

Which is closer to 0 one fourth or 0.5?

One fourth (.25) is closer to zero than one half (.5).

Is one third closer to a half or zero?

I'm not sur bout dat either

Is one fourth closer two zero one half or one?

1/4th is exactly midway between zero and 1/2.

Is 0.75 closer to zero than -0.4?


Which fraction is equivalet to three sevenths?

To get an equivalent fraction, multiply both the numerator and the denominator by any number except zero. Use the same number for both.

Does any real number divided by zero result infinity?

You can't divide by zero. But if you take any real number and try dividing it by smaller and smaller numbers that are closer and closer to zero, your result will get closer and closer to infinity.

What can 4 sevenths 1 half and 2 thirds go into?

The idea of "going into" makes sense only for integers. If you allow fractions, then any non-zero number can go into any number.

Why is the tenths place greater than the hundredths place?

Because it is closer to zero. ex. 0.12. The 1 is closer to zero.

What fraction is between zero and half?

A quarter is half way between zero and a half.

How do you write 8.007 in word form?

Eight and seven thousandthsEight point zero zero seven.

Is 0.06 closer to zero or farther away on a number line?

Closer than what?

When was Three-Five-Zero-Zero created?

Three-Five-Zero-Zero was created in 1968.

What fraction is closer to 1 than 0?

If you take half of the denominator and the numerator is more than that then it is closer to 1 than zero.

When you are estimating sums and differences of fractions by rounding how do you know to round it to zero half or one?

Let's say that you are rounding 2/5. You find half of 5 which is 2.5. Then you see if 2 is closer to 0, 2.5/5, or 1. It is closer to 2.5, so you would say that 2.5 is half of five, so your answer is 1/2. If you are doing 1/7, 1 is obviously closer to 0, so your answer would be 0.

What is half minus a half?


What is half of 0?

there is no half of zero .

What can you half to make zero?

double of Zero

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Roughly half of the states in the US have a Greenville. There are three of them in California and three in Indiana: zero miles from your destination.

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