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Q: Is three six equal to a half?
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What is one half plus one tenth equal?

six tenths or three fifths

How many halves are there in half of six?

half of six is three -so there are six halves in three.

If a third of six is three what would be half of twenty?

A third of six is two; three is half of six. To make three equal a third of six; add 2+1 together to equal 3. One(1)is half of two(2). Half of twenty is ten. Add half of ten, which is five, to that and the answer is 15. Just as the adjustment for the "unreal" fraction equivalents was made for the first part of this math riddle, it must also be applied to the second part to get the correct answer. Try this: If a third of six is three, what must a fourth of twenty be?

What is the sum of three quarters plus thress quarters?

six quarters. That is equal to one and half.

What does a dotted whole note equal?

one and a half whole notes/three half-notes/six quarter-notes/eight...

How is six out of six equal to one half?

it isn't

What is 4 and a half equal to?


What is the half a dozen equal to?

Six (6) is a half-dozen.

How much is one half of three eighths?

Three eighths is the same as six sixteenths - half of six sixteenths is three sixteenths

What does three plus three equal?


What is half of six and three eighths?

Three and three sixteenths

Is 3 over 6 greater than or less than 1 over 2?

It is equal because one over two is a half and three is half of six so that is a half to

What does three and one half plus three and one half equal?


What is three and one half plus three and one half equal?


Is half of two equal to two or three?

The direct answer is: No. Half of two is equal to one.

Three and one half plus three?

Six and a half, or in other words 6.5.

What half of 13 and a half?

6.75, or six and three fourths.

What is six and a half feet in centimeters?

One foot is equal to 30.48 centimetres. Therefore, six and a half feet is equal to 30.48 x 6.5 = 198.12 centimetres.

Is three twelfths bigger than a half?

no. half of twelve is six and three is less than six. 6/12=1/2

How many meters inabout six a one half centimeters?

About six and one half centimeters is equal to about 0.065 meters.

What is three six of twelve?

1 half

What is half of six Tablespoons?

Three tablespoons.

Is a half greater than six sevenths?

No because half of seven is three and a half

Is half plus two equal to two or three?


Three and a half cups of confectioners sugar is equal to how many cups of regullar sugar?

three and a half cups three and a half cups