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Time is not dependent upon anything. Time is what it is.

However, the amount of time necessary for something to happen IS dependent upon the amount of energy put into it, the amount of mass it is happening to and the distance across which it is happening.

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Q: Is time dependent on mass energy and distance?
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What is dimension of power?

The dimension of power is (energy / time)= (force x distance) / time= (mass x distance / time2) x distance / time= mass x distance2 / time3= ML2T-3

Is pressure times mass per sec energy?

Well, let's see . . .[ pressure ] x [ mass / time ] = [ force / area ] x [ mass / time ] = [ force ] x [ mass / area-time ][ Energy ] = [ force ] x [ distance ]There's no way that [ mass / area-time ] is equal to [ distance ],so the answer is pretty clearly 'no' .

What 2 factors do you need to know to determine the speed of an object?

you have to look at a given distances that it covered when it moved , and at the time it took to cover that distance

What are the example of Scalars?

Mass,distance,time,volume,speed,work,energy,power,temperature etc.

What are the example of scalar quanities?

Mass,distance,time,volume,speed,work,energy,power,temperature etc.

What is a dependent varible?

A dependent variable is what is being measured in the experiment. Such as time, distance, volume, etc.

What is Mass times distance divided by time?

Momentum. Distance divided by time is speed. Mass times speed is momentum.

How do you know the difference between the dependent and the independent variable?

The independent variable is one that does not depend on the other variable. A dependent variable "depends" on the other variable. Think about the distance traveled by a car over time. You have two variables in that, time and distance. Now think about which depends on the other. Does time depend on distance? No. Time will keep going even if the car stops. Does distance depend on time? Yes. The more time that goes on, the more distance is traveled. So distance is the dependent variable, because it depends on time. Time is the independent variable because it doesn't depend on distance.

What does force have?

(mass X distance)/(time X time), or mass times acceleration

Distance equals velocity time the equation sHow is that distance varies as time?

Distance is dependent on time. If there is no time, there is no distance, as distance = velocity * time. As time or speed increases so will distance, therefore, if distance increases, either speed or time must increase. If either speed or time = 0, then distance will equal 0.

How could an object with less mass to go the same distance as an object with more mass?

more energy would need to be added to the smaller mass to reach the same point. D = F X M (distance = force times mass) if distance is 100cm and mass of object is 30grams, it would be written - 100 = ? x 30 ( ? = 3.333) if distance is 100cm (remains the same) and mass is 50grams (larger this time) - 100 = ? x 50 ( ? = 2)

What observations expressed in numbers such as mass temperature time distance volume?

Mass, temperature, time, distance, and volume can all have number values.