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Distance is dependent on time. If there is no time, there is no distance, as distance = velocity * time. As time or speed increases so will distance, therefore, if distance increases, either speed or time must increase. If either speed or time = 0, then distance will equal 0.

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Q: Distance equals velocity time the equation sHow is that distance varies as time?
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Is distance divided by time equals equals to velocity?

Yes, V (velocity) = d (distance) divided by t (time).

If you know the velocity and the distance but not the time which way do you divide velocity divided by distance or distance divided by velocity?

To find the time when you know the distance and velocity but not the time, you should divide distance by velocity. This is because time equals distance divided by velocity (time = distance/velocity).

Relate speed to distance and time?

distance over time equals the speed/velocity.

What is the homogeneity of v2 equals u2 plus 2as?

Each term in the equation has dimensions of velocity-squared (remember "a" here is acceleration which is velocity divided by time, so "as" is velocity x distance / time = velocity squared).

Equation for time as a function of distance and velocity?

Since distance (D) equals velocity (V) xtime (T) (D = V x T), then time equals distance divided by velocity or T = D/V. For example, going 20 miles per hour for 2 hours will move a distance of 40 miles. Looking at it the other way, 40 miles divided by 20 miles per hour will equal 2 hours of travel time. PJ

Distance equals velocity x time.... the equation shows that velocity and time vary directly or inversely or neither?

The equation shows that distance, velocity, and time are directly related. This means that as velocity increases, the distance traveled in a given time also increases. Similarly, if the time taken to travel a certain distance increases, the velocity must also increase to cover that distance in the same amount of time.

Equals force applied times distance moved?

This is the equation for "work."

What is Work equals Force times Distance?

W= FxD is a balanced equation because Work is Force times distance.

Does velocity involve acceleration?

No. The velocity of an object equals v=D/t where v= velocity d=distance t=time If you are missing one of those things you can rearrange the equation to calculate the value you are missing. I.E. V*t=D

What does v equals d divided by t mean?

Velocity = Distance / Time Velocity is defined as the change in Distance travelled over the Time taken to travel across it at this average rate of velocity. Therefore, average velocity and time are inversly proportional to one another, while distance is directly proportional to both time and velocity, and vice versa. At a fixed velocity, the travel time increases as the distance becomes longer; if the distance is fixed, then the velocity must become greater to make the time shorter.

What is the equation d equals st trying to find?

Distance = Speed * Time.

What does work divided by force equal?

Work divided by force equals distance. This equation is based on the formula for work, which is work = force x distance. By rearranging the formula, you get distance = work/force.