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Yes. Winds in a tornado can, on rare occasions, produce winds over 300 mph. No other storm on earth can produce such winds.

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Q: Is tornadoes the fastest wind on Earth?
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Which wind has the greatest speed?

The fastest winds on Earth are found in tornadoes.

Which natural disaster can produce the fastest wind on the earth?

Tornadoes can have winds in excess of 300 mph.

Are tornadoes a big example of wind energy?

Yes. The energy of a tornado takes the form of extremely fast wind. The strongest of tornadoes produce the fastest winds on earth.

Do tornadoes have the fastest wind speeds?

The strongest tornadoes do, yes. In some cases tornadoes can produce winds over 300 mph. No other storm on earth can match that.

Which type of weather produces the highest winds?

The fastest winds on earth occur in tornadoes. On rare occasions these winds can exceed 300 mph (480 km/h).

Are tornadoes the fastest storm?

In terms of wind speed, yes. Tornadoes are the only storms on earth that can produce gusts in excess of 300 mph. However, tornadoes this intense are very rare.

Why tornadoes happens in your world?

Tornadoes happen because there is wind on earth!

What do these tornadoes with there currents create around the earth to protect it from the suns solar wind?

Tornadoes have nothing to do with protecting Earth from the solar wind. Convection currents in Earth's core create a magnetic field that protects against the solar wind.

How high can the wind speed go?

The fastest winds on Earth occur in exceptionally violent tornadoes. There winds may, on rare occasions, exceed 300 miles per hour.

What hurricane has the strongest wind?

The fastest winds on earth occur in tornadoes. In extreme cases they can exceed 300 mph.

Does the earth have wind power right now?

yes it does by tornadoes

What is the highest wind speed recorded not including tornadoes?

The fastest wind on earth occur in tornadoes, which have been known to have wind speeds in excess of 300 mph (480 km/h), far faster than anything a hurricane can produce.