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Q: Is trapezoid a geometrical shape
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What is a trapezoid an example of?

A trapezoid is an example of a regular polygon or a geometrical shape. It is also an example of a quadrilateral.

Are All rectangles are a trapezoid?

No because a rectangle and a trapezoid have different geometrical properties but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals.

Does any spider build a geometrical shape web?

spiders do not build geometrical shape webs

What type of shape is a trapezoid?

A trapezoid is a 4 sided quadrilateral shape

What is the geometrical shape of a can?

If you mean a round can, the shape is cylindrical.

What is geometrical symmetry?

Geometrical symmetry is a mathematical term for a shape that, if torn in half, can be mirrored and restored to the shape again.

Is truss is kind of geometrical shape?

Yes. But any object is a geometrical shape of some sort. Even a blob is an irregular geometric shape!

What geometrical shape has no faces?

A sphere.

Is a square a geometrical shape?


What is the geometrical shape of C2H6?


Is a parallelogram a geometrical shape?


What is the geometrical shape of a basketball?

A sphere

What is a cone in math?

it is a geometrical shape

Example of geometrical shape?

A pyramid.

What is the most efficient geometrical shape?

We cannot assess the efficiency of a geometrical shape unless we have a particular purpose in mind. You will have to state what you wish to efficiently do, by means of a geometrical figure.

What other shape can a trapezoid be?

It can also be an isosceles trapezoid.

A trowel is in the shape of a trapezoid. For what value of x is the trapezoid an isosceles trapezoid?


What geometrical shape is in the Washington Monument?

An Obliesk.

What is a geometrical shape that has 9 vertexes?

a nonagon.

What is a twenty faced geometrical shape?


What geometrical shape has no corners and is flat?

A circle....

Is a circle a geometrical shape?

Yes, it is indeed.

What is the geometrical shape of a birthplace of a bee?


What a corner of a geometrical shape called?

A vertex

Can a trapezoid be a hexagon?

No. A trapezoid is a shape with four sides, while a hexagon is a shape with six sides.