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Q: Is two tenths equal to one third?
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Related questions

Does one fifth equal two tenths?

Yes, one fifth is the same as two tenths.

Is 2 tenths larger than 1 third?

No. Two tenths is 20%. One third is 33 1/3%

Is 0.2 as a fracion two tenths?

Yes. 0.2 in a fraction form is equal to two tenths or one twentieth!

How many tenths make one fifth?

Two tenths equal one fifth. Working out : 2/10 = 1/5 Don't get it? Post Messages to me and I will explain why.

What is bigger one third or two sevenths?

seven tenths

What is seven tenths minus one fifth?

7/10 - 1/5 = 7/10 - 2/10 = 5/10 = 1/2

What is nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth?

Nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth is equal to 1.05

Is 2 tenths equal to 0 1?

No. Two tenths is equal to 0.2.

Is one third equal to two tenths?

No. 1/3 = 0.333 and 2/10 = 0.2. That makes 1/3 larger than 2/10.

What kind of fractions are one fifth and two tenths?

Vulgar and equal

What fraction is two tenths equal to?

one fith.....everyone knows that

Is 2 tenths equal to 2 5?

Four tenths is equal to two fifths.

How many tenths is equal to twenty hundredths?

Two tenths is equal to twenty hundredths.

What is two tenths of a second?

Two tenths of a second is equal to 0.2 seconds.

What is two and five tenths to the negative third power?

Two and five tenths to the negative third power equals 0.064

What is 9.2 equal to?

9 and one fifths, 9 and two tenths, or 920%.

What does two thirds divided by one tenths equal?

This equals approximately 6.6666.

What is 2.9 equal to?

Two and nine tenths.Two and nine tenths.Two and nine tenths.Two and nine tenths.

What is a third of 6?

One third of six is equal to two.

DOES One third plus two thirds equal one?

I believe that it does equal one!

What does one third plus one third equal?

two thirds. (2/3)

What number is equal to one-fifth?

There are many fractions that are equal to one fifth. To find them, you multiply any whole number, (1/5 times 2) and find the answer. (2/10) When you reduce two tenths, (or any fraction) divide 2/10 by 2 and get 1/5. Two tenths and one fifth are equal.

What is one-third equal to?

two sixths.

What does one third equal to?

two eithth

Does two fifths equal to one third?