Is two the same number as six?

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Yes, the number two is the same as the number six

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Q: Is two the same number as six?
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What number has the same result when added to six and multiplied by two?


What is six time two?

six times two is the same as two times six. It equals twelve

What is six times a number minus thrice the same number?

Thrice the same number.

What is the french word for the number six?

six......its the same as in enlgish

What is the whole number for two third?

Point six six six with a continuous six

What number is the same as six million?


Six less than four times a number is the same as six times the same number?

If: 4x-6 = 6x then x = -3

What is two third of 6?

Two thirds of the number six is the number four.

There are six cows two of the cows died but two cows came that same day so how many cows are there?

There would have to be still six cows, because the number didn't change, since two died and were consequently replaced by two cows on the same day. Here's how the logic should play out: You start with six cows. Two die of that six, leaving you with only four cows. However, two more cows "came" (or were bought) the same day that the initial two passed on, bringing the number back up to six. If you want to do it by numbers, then it would go like this: 6 - 2 + 2 = 6.

How is two thirds of six nine?

Two-thirds of six is not nine. Rather, two-thirds of six is four. You can find this by realizing that two-thirds of six is the same as six-thirds of two. This equates to two times two, which is four.

What number gives the same result when multiplied by six as it does when six is added to it?


The sum of twice a number and 4 times the same number?

Let's call the number XTwice the number would be 2XFour times the same number would be 4XThe sum of these two is 2X + 4X = 6XThe answer is therefore six times the number.

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