Is volume a propertie

Updated: 6/3/2023
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Q: Is volume a propertie
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Is volume qualitative or quantitative?

volume is a qualitative propertie

Is volume a physical propertie?


Is ductility a physical propertie or chemical propertie?

Is dentsity a chemical propertie or physical propertie

What is the propertie of rain?

It is wet.

What is the propertie of materials?


What is a special propertie for amethyst?

it is piezoelectric

Which are the properties of rutherfordium?

what is propertie of rutherfordium

What is the propertie of glue?

Sticking things together

What is a propertie of a metamorphic rock?

foliations and lineations

What is a special propertie of dental polymers?

learn to serllc

What is a physical propertie of water?

its liquid and it expands when frozen.

What is the propertie of the pigskin?

Pig skin is very thick and durable.