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No, miles are bigger!

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No, x kilometers per hour and x miles per hour are equal speeds. The conversion factor between kilometers and miles is 1.60934, so when converting from kilometers to miles, the number decreases but the speed remains the same.

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Q: Is x kilometers per hour faster than x miles per hour?
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Is 45 kilometers per hour faster or slower than 26 miles per hour?

45 km per hour is slightly faster than 26 miles per hour (45km/h = 27.9617 mph).

How many miles per hour would a person at the south pole turn?

1000 Kilometers per hour (600 miles per hour)- faster than most airplane travel.

What is the difference between sixty miles per hour than seventy kilometers per hour?

70 kph is 26.5 mph faster than 60 mph.

Is mile per hour greater than or less than kilometers per hour?

1 mile = 1.609344 kilometer 100 miles per hour = 160.93 kilometers per hour 1,000 miles per hour = 1,609.3 kilometers per hour

What does a traffic sign 60 kilometer per hour on a road mean?

It means that driving at any speed faster than 60 kilometers per hour is prohibited by law. 60 kilometers per hour is the same as 37.3 miles per hour.

Which is faster 60km or 60 miles per hour?

Since kilometers are bigger than miles, 60 km per hour would be faster

What is faster miles or kilometers?

Let's compare them in terms of miles per hour to see which is greater:One km/h = 0.6214 mphOne foot per minute = 0.01136 mphSo, kilometers per hour is faster than feet per minute.

Are cougars faster than cheetahs?

They can run 60 miles per hour of course there faster!

How many pounds is 1200 kilometers?

Kilometers are not a unit of weight. However 1200 kilograms weighs 2640 pounds, 1200 kilowatts can run a toaster, and 1200 miles per hour is faster than sound.

What is faster - a lion or a jaguar?

I believe that the lion is faster than the jaguar.

How fast did passenger planes fly in 1955?

The fastest passenger plane in 1955 was the DC7. It flew at about 375 miles an hour, however, it could fly faster than 400 miles an hour. Most airplanes flew faster than 300 miles an hour.

What is faster 67.9 meters per second or 302 kilometers per hour?

302 kilometers per hour is faster than 67.9 meters per second. (67.9 meters per second equals 244.4 km per hour).