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What are volcanoes a source of

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Q: What flows can be as hot as 800 degrees Celsius and can travel faster than 160 kilometers per hour?
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Will sound travel faster at 58c or 88c?

Sound travels faster in a medium at a higher temperature. Therefore, sound will travel faster at 88 degrees Celsius compared to 58 degrees Celsius.

Which travels faster sound at 15 degrees Celsius or 30 dgrees Celsius?

Sound travels faster in warmer temperatures. At 30 degrees Celsius, sound will travel faster than at 15 degrees Celsius. This is because sound travels faster in warmer air due to the higher average speed of air molecules.

Does sound travel faster in air at 20 Celsius or at 0 Celsius?

Sound travels faster in air at 20 degrees Celsius compared to 0 degrees Celsius. This is because the speed of sound increases with temperature, as the molecules move quicker and can transmit sound waves more efficiently.

Will sound travel faster in 58 degrees Celsius or 88 degrees Celsius?

58 degrees because it is closer to 69 degrees.

Would a steel ball in Hawaii travel faster through water at 40 degrees or 25 degrees?

40 degrees

Can people travel to the sun when its yellow?

Yes people can but only in the winte because it drops to about 38 degrees Celsius ,

HOW many kilometers would a sound travel in 1 minute?

Depends on the quality of air and any obstacles. Under perfect conditions (dry, clean, 20 degree Celsius air), sound would travel 20.6 kilometers per minute.

What is the temperature of the center of the eath?

the temperature at the inner core of the earth is at the high is about 7,000 degrees Celsius.(not more!)According to my calculations (and my science book) the center of the earth is about 5000 Celsius The temperature of the center of the earth is around 12,600 degrees Fahrenheit.The temperature at the centre of the earth is approximately 7,000 degrees celsius :)about 4500 degrees Celsius

How much faster does sound travel through metal than air?

Sound travels about 17 times faster in metals like steel compared to air. This is because metals have a higher density and stiffness, allowing sound vibrations to propagate more quickly through them.

Assume that colder water exerts less friction on immersed objects Would a metal ball travel faster through water at 55 or 15?

The metal ball would travel faster through water at 15 degrees Celsius, as colder water has lower friction compared to warmer water. This results in less resistance for the ball, allowing it to move more easily through the water at a higher speed.

Can heat travel from a snowflake to your tongue and how?

Heat flows from a hotter object to the cooler object. A snowflake would be at 0 degrees Celsius but a healthy tongue would be 37 degrees Celsius, so heat would always flow from the tongue (by conduction and radiation) to the snowflake.

Do sound waves travel fast?

Depends on what they are traveling through- the denser the substance, the faster sound moves. It travels faster through water than through air. In air, the greater the air pressure, the faster it moves (denser air). The lower the temperature, faster the speed (cold air is dense). At sea level, 20 degrees Celsius, sound travels through air at 1126.547 ft/second- or about 768.095 mph