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Q: Is y equals 8x-3 parallel to 8x plus y equals 3?
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Related questions

How do you factor 8x3-8x2 plus 8x?


When graphed are the lines y equals 8x plus 4 and y equals 8x parallel perpendicular or neither?

The slope of both lines is 8. So they're parallel.

Y-8x plus 9y equals?

Y-8x plus 9y equals 10y-8x.

What is the slope of a line that is parallel to the line represented by the equation 8x plus 2y equals 4?


How do you write 8x plus 4y equals 5?

8x plus 4y equals 5 is 8x + 4y = 5.

What is the x value of -8x plus 8x plus 4 equals -24?

- 8x + 8x = 0 so question is meaningless.

8x-7 plus 2x equals 6 plus 5x plus 2?

8x-7 plus 2x equals 6 plus 5x plus 2?

Y equals 2x plus 2 and 4y-8x equals 12 at which point do these lines intersect?

They don't. The line is parallel. ( 4x-8x=12 simplifies to y-2x+3, which has the same slope as y=2x+2)

What is 6x plus 3 equals 8x plus 14?

6x plus 3 equals 8x plus 14 when solved mathematically is equal to x = -5.5.

-8x plus 3y equals -5 8x - 2y equals 6?

(1, 1)

Are 3x-4y equals -5 and 8x plus 6y equals -5 parallel or perpendicular lines?

They are perpendicular lines because the slopes are 3/4 and -4/3 respectively.

8x - y equals 54 and 8x plus 2y equals 60?

x=7 and y=4

WHAT IS -8x-10 plus -20 equals?

-8x - 10 - 20 = -8x - 30

Is 24 a multiple of 3?

yes, 8x3 is 248x

What is the slope of a line parallel to -8x plus y 2?

If you mean: -8x+y = 2 then y = 8x+2 and the line parallel to it will have the same slope of 8 but with a different y intercept.

Put the equation in the form ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0 x2-3 equals 3x2 plus 8x?

2x^2 + 8x + 3 = 0

8x-7 plus 2x equals 6 plus 5x plus 2 equals?


What are the order pairs for -8x plus 3y equals -5 and 8x - 2y equals 6?

These are equations of two straight lines. Provided the equations are not of the same or parallel lines, there can be only one ordered pair. So the ordered pair is - not are : (0.5, -1)

6x plus 3 8x plus 14?

6x plus 3 equals to 8x plus 14 would lead to x = - 5.5.

If 8x plus 5x plus 2x plus 4x equals 114 the 5x plus 3 equals?


What is -8x plus 3 equals 251?

If -8x+3=251, then 8x=-248. Therefore, x=-31.

What is 8x cubed plus 4x squared plus 6x plus 3?

8x3 + 4x2 + 6x + 3 = 4x2(2x + 1) + 3(2x + 1) = (2x + 1)(4x2 + 3)

What is x if 8x plus 3x plus 6 equals 24 plus 9x?

X equals 9.

If AE equals 8x-3 and 6x plus 7 then AC equals?


What is 4 plus 8x equals 39 plus x?


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