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Not necessarily. A sphere is a "space" figure, but is not made up of planes.

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Q: It is a space figure make up of planes?
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What is a space figure made up of planes?


What will go up in space when there is no space shuttle?

Space planes will go up now that the space shuttle program was dropped. :(

What is the space a 2D object takes up?

It takes up no three dimensional space. Area is the term for the 'space' a two dimensional object takes up. It is a plane figure and therefore has no volume.

Why do airplanes not go into space?

The wings of an aeroplane use the air to hold up the plane. The Earth's atmosphere does not extend into space, it ends about 200 miles up. Planes cannot function without air. Therefore, space travel is done by means of rockets rather than planes. Jet engines require oxygen to operate. They do not have their own source of the gas like space rockets have. Most are not equipped to handle the cold and pressures (lack of it) found in space.

The number of units of volume in a figure is the number of which make up the figure?

cubed units

what is Gravity about?

it only works up to about 10,00ft, that's how planes fly - you need to be careful to not go off to space if u get in a plane

What was added to planes to make them better in the 1941s?

In 1941, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation made planes with folded wings that took up less space on aircraft carriers. In 1941, a jet fighter prototype was flown successfully, although the jet engine itself was produced several years before.

What is bad about gravity?

it only works up to about 10,00ft, that's how planes fly - you need to be careful to not go off to space if u get in a plane

How do you go to space in Grand Theft Auto san Andreas?

You can't go to space in GTA SA. The planes can only go up in the air so high until you get pulled back down.

How do you determine the volume of surface area of three dimensional space figure?

First, find the area of each 2-D face of the figure, then add those up.

How do you kill interactive buddy?

space up space up left right left right to make him DIE!

Are sneakers allowed on planes?

yes your allowed to have ANY types of shoes on a plane as long you do not have a lot of shoes because it will take up to much space.

You and your girlfriend have been going out for a year now 3 days ago she broke up with you and said she needed space to figure out what she wants what do you do?

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What layer of the atmosphere has planes in it?

Planes can go up to the STRATOSPHERE.

How do you find the surface are of a composite figure?

Add the areas of all shapes or all faces that make up the composite figure.

How do you figure out how much space an object takes up?

It depends on the figure. if it is highly irregular put it in water and see how much it displaces. If it not just find the volume one piece at a time.

Why is Minecraft so slow after downloading the MOD Planes?

The planes take up alot of storage on your server it means alot of the power focuses on the plane. You can add more rom to make it faster.

Why are planets so important?

You have been living your whole life on a planet. Planets make up solar systems, solar systems make up galaxies, and galaxies make up universes which make up all of existence in space.

How many planes make up one USAF F-16 fighter squadron?

3 jet airplane

How many stars make up the stick figure in Aries constellation?

18 stars make ^ aries

Are inclined planes straight up and down?

no they are leaning which is why they are called inclined planes

What two things combined to make up your modern evolutionary theory?

idkk figure it out yourself

How many line segments make up the figure?

there are 14 line sgments

Do planes contain ponts and lines?

A point is a single spot in space. A line is the connection between two points. A plane is the space made up between three or more lines. A plane has infinite lines and therefore infinite points.

Why is air a better insulator than solids?

AIR has space embedded in its make up solids do not have that space