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Q: James has more dimes than quarters If he has seven dollars and twenty five cents how many of each coins does he have?
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How much quarters are in a dollar?

Coin or banknote: Quantity: dollars half-dollars quarters dimes nickel pennies cents dollars half-dollars quarters dimes nickels pennies cents 4 quarters equals: 4 quarters equals 1 dollar

How much is 13 quarters?

3 dollars and 25 cents

What is twenty percent of sixteen dollars?

three dollars twenty cents

How many is 10 quarters and 7 dimes equal?

10 quarters = 250 cents (25 x 10) 7 dimes = 70 cents (7 x 10) 250 + 70 = 320 10 quarters and 7 dimes equal 320 cents. In other words, $3.20 or 3 dollars and twenty cents.

How do you write 21.50 cents in word form?

Twenty-one dollars and fifty cents. Or twenty-one and a half dollars.

2 dollars and 10 nickels equals how many quarters?

A quarter is 25 cents. Two dollars is 200 cents and 10 nickels is 50 cents, for a total of 250 cents. That's the same as 250/25 = 10 quarters.

How many quarters equal 10 dollars?

One quarter is 25 cents.One dollar is 100 cents.Thus there are 4 quarters in a dollar, and 40 quarters in 10 dollars.10 dollars = 40 quarters1 dollar = 4 quarters10 dollars = 10 dollars * 4 quarters/1 dollar = 40 quarters

how many quarters do you need to make 11?

11 dollars x 100 cents = 1,100 cents

How many quarters in 10 dollars?

One quarter is 25 cents, and one dollar is 100 cents. Thus, we can calculate that one dollar equivalents four quarters. So, 10 dollars = 4 x 10 = 40 quarters.

How do you spell 29 dollars and 4 cents?

The currency value is $29.04 or "twenty-nine dollars and four cents."

How much do 7200 quarters equal in dollars and cents?

1 quarter = 0.25 dollars So 7200 quarters = 7200*0.25 = 1800 dollars

How much is 129 quarters?

1 quarter = 25 cents therefore 129 quarters = 3,225 cents or 32.25 dollars.

How do you spell 5.2 the desimal in words?

Five point two or five and two-tenths. If it's money, it's five dollars twenty cents or five dollars and twenty cents.

How many dollars and cents are in 76 quarters?

76/4 = 38/2 = 19/1 19 dollars and 0 cents

What is four percent of twenty dollars?

80 cents

How many quarters are in 3 dollars?

One quarter is 25 cents which is 1/4 of a dollar. There are 12 quarters in 3 dollars.

What is ten percent of seventy-two dollars?

Seven dollars and twenty cents, or $7.20

How do you write twenty five hundred in dollars n cents?

$2,500.00 Two thousand, five hundred dollars and no cents

How much money is 2 dollars 2 quarters 1 nickel and 3 pennys?

You have two whole dollars. Count up your change. Two quarters are fifty cents. A nickel is five cents. Pennies are one cent. You have $2.58.

How many quarters are in 10 dollars?

One quarter is 25 cents, and one dollar is 100 cents. Thus, we can calculate that one dollar equivalents four quarters. So, 10 dollars = 4 x 10 = 40 quarters.

What is the average cost of 2x6x10?

eight dollars and twenty cents

What fraction of two dollars is twenty cents?


How many times can 15 cents go into 3 dollars?

Twenty times !

How many quarters equal to eight dollars and 75 cents?

35 quarter

What makes 200 cents using 6 coins?

2 half dollars and 4 quarters=200 cents/$2.