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Janet is correct.

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What is the duration of The Guilt of Janet Ames?

The duration of The Guilt of Janet Ames is -4980.0 seconds.

What has Janet Jackson done to help the society?

Janet did charities like: *Orca Network *Second Harvest.*

Who is Janet Jackson's second husband?

Rene Elizondo

What was Janet Jackson's first album?

Janet Jackson - It included her second name, as her father requested it as he believed it would sell more

Did Neil Armstrong's Wife Janet Die?

Neil Armstrongs first wife Janet did not die, she divorced him. His second wife is named carrol.

Who were neil Armstrong's wifes?

He had 2 wives the second one was called Janet

Who is Janet from tales of a fourth grade nothing?

Janet is the lady who works for Mr. Hatcher at his second job.

Did Janet Gaynor have any children?

Yes. She had 1 son with her second husband Adrian

Was Janet married a second time?

Yes a secret marriage from 1991-1999 to Rene Elizondo

What sibling was Michael Jackson closet to?

Janet, Michael and Janet were close from the time of The Jackson 5, through the child molestation crisis and up until his death. The Second closest was Jermaine.

What has the author Janet K Swaffar written?

Janet K. Swaffar has written: 'Reading for meaning' -- subject(s): Language and languages, Reading, Second language acquisition, Study and teaching

Can you list 5 famous Janets?

Make it SIX: Janet Meyer Janet Jackson Janet Leigh Janet Street-Porter Janet Reno Janet Ellis

What was neil armstrongs wifes name?

Neil Armstrong had 2 wives. His first wife's name was Carol Knight and his second wife's name was Janet Shearon.

What are the names of Larry Bird's wives?

His first wife was Janet Condra. His second wife is Dinah Mattingly

What song did Janet devlin sing in the second week of x factor?

Can't help Falling in Love.

What has the author Janet Nathan written?

Janet Nathan has written: 'Janet Nathan' 'Janet Nathan constructions'

What actors and actresses appeared in Charlie and Janet - 2012?

The cast of Charlie and Janet - 2012 includes: Charlie Charlie Janet Janet as Janet

How many wifes does john elway have?

Elway is currently married to his second wife. His first wife Janet and him split.

Who is the First and Second Best Female Dancers of all-time?

1. Janet Jackson 2. Aaliyah.

Is Janet Jackson Pregnant?

No Janet is not pregnantJanet is not pregnant and has never mentioned that she is.

What is an example of manipulated variable?

One example: Janet makes a parachute. She recorded her information on this chart: Trial #: Descending Time: Weight: 1 5 seconds 7g 2 3 seconds 9g 3 2 seconds 10g 4 9 seconds 3g The manipulated variable is the weight. A manipulated variable is something you change.

Is you the first person second person or third person?

The pronoun 'you' is the second person, the one spoken to; you is both singular and plural. Example:John and Janet, you clean the grill and other equipment.Terry, you can take your break and clean the floors when John and Janet are finished.I'll return in an hour to pay all of you.

How do you say Janet in Italian?


What actors and actresses appeared in Janet in Jeopardy - 1997?

The cast of Janet in Jeopardy - 1997 includes: Janet Kennedy as Janet

How old was Janet Jackson at her second marriage?

Janet's second marriage was to Rene Elizondo and lasted from 1991-2000. Since she was born in 1966, she was probably age 25 when she married him.

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