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Jeans that cost forty five dollars discounted by fourteen percent What is their sale price?

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Q: Jeans that cost forty five dollars discounted by fourteen percent What is their sale price?
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The pair of jeans is on sale for 25 percent off the regular price of 47How much money is discounted off the regular price?

25% is a quarter. A quarter of 47 is 11.75

Where can I find discounted diesel jeans online?

High Demand Clothing is a company in the UK that has discounted Diesel Jeans. Try deal websites such as to find heavily discounted items when they appear online! Otherwise, try big wholesaler websites such as or

What is the best place to buy designer jeans at a discounted price?

One can purchase cheap women's designer jeans from Macy's, Buckle, and Bluefly. One can buy used or new designer jeans at a discounted price on eBay. One must look for sales to find cheap designer jeans as well.

Jeans cost 18 dollars on sell 40 percent is off the regular price how much does it cost regularly?

$30 right?

What was the price of jeans in 1962?

Jeans were five dollars plus tax.

Is 99 percent cotton 1 percent spandex considered skinny jeans for boys?

No, there are a lot of skinny jeans with 99 percent cotton and 1 percent spandex that are for girls.

Is 30 dollars too much for jeans?


What is 30 percent of 98 jeans?


What is the average price of DSquared jeans?

DSquared jeans start at around three hundred dollars and range all the way up to nine hundred to one thousand dollars for the high end pairs of jeans.

Rosa wants 2 pairs of jeans that cost 32 each She has a coupon for 10 off the price of one pair How much did the discounted pairs of jeans cost Rosa?


What places sell cheap designer jeans?

If you want discounted designer jeans you should first check the designer outlets. They sell jeans at a fraction of the retail store price, though they might be last years styles or have slight imperfections.

Where can I find designer jeans at deeply discounted prices?

I would look on the auction website eBay for designer jeans at discount prices. However, you can also look at stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, who sometimes carry designer jeans.