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Q: Let Aa b c where a b and c are 3x1 column vectors Find a matrix R such that ARa c b?
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How do you multiply 3x3 matrices by 1x3 or 3x1?

First of all, if we have any two matrices of sizes mxn and pxq where m, n, p and q are natural numbers, then we must have n=p to be able to multiply the matrices. The result is an mxq matrix. For example, a 3x1 matrix has m=3 and n=1. We can multiply it with any matrix of size 1xq. For example a 2x3 matrix can be multiplied with a 3x1 matrix which has 3 rows and 1 column and the result is a 2x1 matrix. (2x3) multiplies by (3x1) gives a (2x1) matrix. The easy way to remember this is write the dimension of Matrix A and then Matrix B. The two inner numbers must be the same and the two outer numbers are the dimensions of the matrix you have after multiplication. For example Let Matrix A have dimensions (axb) multiply it by matrix B which has dimensions (bxc) = the result is matrix of dimensions ac. Using the trick we would remind ourselves by writing (a,b)x(b,c)=(a,c). This is technically wrong because the numbers are dimensions, but it is just a method to help students remember how to do it. So, a 3x3 matrix can be multiplied by a 3x 1 but not by a 1,3 matrix. How do you do it? Just multiply each entry in the first row of A by each entry in the first column of B and add the products. Do the same for the next row etc. Many (or should I honestly say MOST) people use their fingers and go along row one and then down column one. The add the products of the entries as they do that. Then they do the same for row two and column two etc. It really does help!

What will be the dimensions of the new matrix formed by multiplying a 3 X 4 matrix and a 4 X 1 matrix?

3x1 matrix

How many halves in 3?

6. 3x1/2=6.

What is 3 times 1?


What is 3x1?

3 x 1 = 3

What is 3.5 in expanded notation?

(3x1) + (5/10)

If y3x and 3x15 then what number does y equal?


What is 63.7 in standered form?


Describe a solution of a system of linear equations?

How to solve a system of linear equations 1. arrange all of them in standard form. standard form has all variables in the same order beginning with the lowest power variables on the left and ending with the highest power variables on the right. This will be equal to the number without a variable on the right side of the equation. If there are missing variables or numbers, put in a zero in it's place. 2. Using a TI-83: Press these keys: 2nd, matrix, >>, enter. Type how many rows your matrix has (if you have 3 equations, you need 3 rows). Press enter. Type how many columns your matrix has (if you have x^3, x^2, and x on one side of the equal sign, you need 3 columns). Press enter. Begin entering your data, ignoring the number on the right side of the equals sign. When finished, press 2nd, quit. 3. Press 2nd, matrix, >>, down, enter. Using the example from above with the 3 equations, you now need a 3x1 matrix. When finished entering data, press 2nd, quit. 4. Press 2nd, matrix. Hilight the 3x3 matrix you created, press enter. Press the x^-1 key. Press 2nd, matrix. Hilight the 3x1 matrix, press enter, enter. And wall-a, there you have your answers!! If you were to solve it by hand, just solve two of the equations for a different variable and plug the solved equations into the unsolved equation and solve. This way can get hairy, but it also works fine.

What are the prime factors of 3 and 4?

1x3 and 3x1 FActors are 1,3

How many valence electrons does C2H3Cl have?

(2x4)+(3x1)+(1x7) = 18

what number should be placed in the box 8x10 + 4x1 + 5x + 3x1?

[object Object]

Is 4x(3x1)(4x3)x1 a commutative property?

No, that's associative.

What is the number equivalent to one ten and three ones?

The number equivalent to one 10 and three 1 is the same, As 1x10=10 And 3x1=3 :)

Does 3 go into 33 in multipilcation?

3x1=3, in this case 3x11=33.

What is three times a number added to 2 is 5?


What are the factor pairs for 3?

1x3 and 3x1 and -1x-3 and -3x-1

What type of property in math is this 3x1 equals 3?

The Multiplicative Property of 1.

What is the highest common factor of 3 and 9?

3 3x1=3 3x3=9

How do you read positive and negative body language?

you read it like this 3x1=3 genius

What is the answer to 5(x 3) 3x 1?

If you are asking for the answer to 5x3 over 3x1, it is 5.

How do you solve 1-x3?

1-3x1=3x 1/3=x

How do you find value of the 3 in 0.3495?

Multiply the number 3 times its place value. 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000, 1/10000 3x1/10=3/10

What is 300000000 times 1000000?

multiply the one and the three 3x1=3....then add the zeros. 300000000000000 is the answer. your either really young, or bored.

How do you write 0.253 in expanded form?

he zero isn'treally necessary. that would be 2x1/10+5x1/100+3x1/1000 Thanks.