Line thickness is called its

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Line thickness is called its
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In typesetting the thickness of a line is called its weight and is measured in?

In typesetting, the thickness of a line is called its weight and is measured in points.

What is the line thickness called in PowerPoint?


What is an object with no thickness that extends infinitely in 2 directions called?

A line.

Can a line segment have thickness?

A mathemetical line segment does not exist physically for it only has length and no thickness

What is the thickness of a fluid called scientificly?

The thickness of a fluid is called its viscosity.

What extends without ending and has no thickness?

A line or a plane.

What is the thickness or thinness of a line?


Is it true a line has no thickness?


What is the part of the pen that conveys ink to a drawing surface and is used to produce a line quality that varies in thickness called?

The Nib

Does a line have a thickness?

In Math, a line does not have any thickness. It is a mathematical concept.Technically no, since its meant to be a one dimensional object (meaning that it can be technically described by one numerical value). But then, a one dimensional object has zero thickness, therefore it would be invisible due to it infinitely small thickness. So a line by definition has no thickness, but all true lines are invisible.

A Has infinite length and length but no thickness?

A point has no length, width, or thickness. A line has infinite length but no width or thickness. A plane has infinite length and width but no thickness.

How many atoms are there in a 46 cm line?

None. A line is a 1-dimensional object and so has no thickness. An atom, no matter how small, has a finite thickness and so cannot be IN a line.