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Bus, Mesh, Star, Ring.

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Q: List any four topologies used for networking purpose?
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Topologies of computer networking?

There are mainly four topologies namely : 1) Mesh topology 2) Star topology 3) Bus topology 4) Ring topology

list four types of network topologies used in wire based networks?

Ring, Star, Bus, Mesh.

List four types of network topologies used in wire-based networks?

Ring, Star, Bus, Mesh.

What Types of network topology and give examples of each topology?

Regional Network ---- There are four basic types of network topologies: bus, ring, star, and mesh.There are also many other types as well, but they are hybrid topologies, meaning they are a combination of two or more of the four basic topologies. Two examples of hybrid topologies are the star bus topology and the star ring topology.

Describe the four common topologies used in networks today?

Mesh, Star, Bus and Ring.

Which network topolgies is most common on todays networks?

There are four types of network topologies. These topologies are Star, Mesh, Ring , Bus. Most commonly used topology is star topology.

Four types of network topologies used in wire based networks?

Ring, Star, Bus, Mesh.

Four topologies on basis of line configuration?

Point to point- mesh and star.Multi point- bus and ring.

What are four networking jobs?

One type of networking job is a networking architect. Others jobs would include a network engineer, IT consultant and a computer support specialist.

How explain different type of Network Address Translation with suitable set of examples?

these are the four types of the topologies such as WAN:-Wide Area Network LAN:- Local Area Network MAN- Metropolitan Area network CAN:- Campus Area Network In these topologies meanings are clear for a name

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