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the existence of ice on the moon and plateau

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Q: List two discoveries about the moon made by clementine?
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What did the clementine measure on the moon?


What did the Clementine spacecraft do?

The Clementine spacecraft did missions to test sensors and spacecraft components under extended exposure to the space environment. It also made scientific observations of the moon and the asteroid that is near Earth.

What are two discoveries Galilee made by using his telescopes?

He spoted the rings of Saturn and made observations upon planet movements along with the phases of the moon and surface of the moon

What probe was the first to extensively map the surface of the moon?

U.s. clementine

Which material may have been found on the moon by the clementine spacecraft?


Did Clementine's survey mission of the Moon's surface last two years?

yes it did

List three discoveries made by the voyager space probe?

the discoveries of the probes include new information about the motions of Jupiter's atmosphere and the discovery of three new moons. Voyager probes also discovered that Jupiter has faint dust rings around it and that one of its moons has volcanoes on it.

What are the discoveries of earth and space epxloration?

we have a moon

Did neil Armstrong make any discoveries at the moon?

Outside of the basic purposes of the mission, Armstrong did not make any significant discoveries while on the moon.

What is discoveries did Apollo 11 make?

They discovered that the moon has moon quakes as well.

Will getting on moon solve problems on earth?

We have been on the moon and it has made no difference to us so far. However if we were to be able to economically survive on the moon it is reasonable to think that in an alien environment scientific discoveries could be made that would not have happened on the Earth.

What fact does the data from the clementine spacecraft support?

that the moon has a thinner crust on the side facing earth