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Q: Lithium is more active than aluminum true or false?
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Lithium is more active than aluminum?

Apex - trueYes, lithium is more active (reactive) than aluminum.

Is lithium more reactive than aluminum?


Which is the less reactive - aluminum or lithium?

Aluminium is much less reactive than Lithium.

Is aluminum more reactive than iron?

aluminum is low. when you have elements there either active, inert, moderately active, high, or low. aluminum is low.

Does a boron atom have less protons than a lithium atom?

Boron has more protons. It has 5, lithium has 3.

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When combining Aluminum and Copper Chloride what material is formed?

Two materials are formed: metallic copper and aluminum chloride. This is an example of displacement of a less active metal from its compounds by a more active metal in the electromotive series.

Is it true that after the product of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction leavesthe active site the enzyme can no longer react with more substrate?

False. Enzymes are reusable.

The mongols lived in a sedentary lifestyle and were dependent on the agriculture True or False?

False. They were dependent on animals and were far more active then sedentary.

Does electrolysis occur between aluminum and galvanised iron?

Yes, Aluminum is more electrically active than both zinc and iron. It will become the cathode in the electrochemical reaction.

Which element is more reactive - lithium Li or beryllium be?

Lithium is more reactive.

Is lithium or Neon more reactive?

Lithium is more reactive than Neon.