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High voltage.

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Q: Long distance transmission of electricity requires what?
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What are the advantages of generating alternating Voltage for transmission?

The main advantage is that it's very easy to step alternating current up or down in voltage by the use of a transformer. High voltage is preferred for long distance transmission because it cuts transmission loss.

Who were the people responseble for electricity and its present use?

Edison invented a DC power system in the start but it had problems transmitting long distances, Tesla invented the AC power system, transformers, ac motors and generators Tesla also invented a wireless electricity supply system where you picked up your electricity through the air with a tuned antenna but he was not allowed to finish the construction of the first transmission tower because he wasn't able to meter the electricity for sale.

Does any country use DC?

No country distributes electrical energy to homes or industry as d.c., but many country use high-voltage d.c. transmission systems -particularly for long-distance transmission (lower losses than a.c.), or for interconnecting independent grid systems (no synchronisation problems), or for undersea cables (no reactive currents),

How long can a wind turbine generate electricity?

20-25 years

What is the ability to transmit heat or electricity to other objects called?

The terminology for heat is thermal transfer. To transmit electricity over long distances the terminology would be transformation where transformers step the voltage to a very high value to cut down on line loss. This high voltage is then stepped down at the other end of the transmission line to be used by utility companies to sell to their customers.

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