Make 2 different channels for Russian and English or make 1 youtube channel for 2 languages?

I have russian youtube channel and want to contact with english speaking watchers. How it is better in terms of promoution? Make 2 different channels for Russian and English or make 1 youtube channel for 2 languages

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Maxim Rudnev

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2023-03-21 11:53:09

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This will help u with your question: Change video language

Sign in to YouTube Studio.

From the left menu, select Content.

Click a video's thumbnail.

At the bottom of the page, click SHOW MORE.

Choose the video's language from the Video language section and Save

I hope this help and I am a YouTuber too so ik

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Shoto Cruz

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2023-03-21 23:01:42
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James Park

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2023-03-21 21:11:02

it depends on you but I think 1 youtube channel for 2 languages will be highly effective rather than running two youtube channels

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Q: Make 2 different channels for Russian and English or make 1 youtube channel for 2 languages?
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